Friday, July 12, 2013

Water Water and Fireside Pies

Yesterday, we finally put together the water table.  Jackson LOVED it!!!  No surprise!  This boy loves WATER!!!


It was even more fun because we played before Daddy left for work!!!


We had to stop and watch the recycle truck!!!


 Love this one!  He is rubbing his tummy!!!

Today, we went to the California Lane Park to play on their splash pad. And of course, Jackson LOVED it!!!  Daddy only had to work a half day, so he joined us which made it that much better!!!

On our way!!! Super excited!!!



Then, we got on the swings!

To end a great afternoon, Meema and PopPop offered to watch all their grandkids so all of us could have a date night!  Aaron and I took full advantage of this opportunity to go to downtown Fort Worth to have dinner at Fireside Pies.  If you haven't been, you must go!  Everything is so yummy! Our favorite is the homemade eggs noodles with butter and cheese.  Sounds kind of plain and boring, but they are heavenly.

At Fireside Pies, with our fabulous dessert- Fresh Peach Crisp

A great couple of days and the weekend just started!!! :)