Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Bucket List Link Up: Water Play

Today, I am linking up with Elizabeth at Chasin' Mason for her Summer Bucket List series.  I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about J's swim lessons.  Last summer we tried swim lessons at the Y, and well that didn't work at ALL.   So we tried again this year.  By the time,  I looked to sign him up a couple of months ago a lot of places were full for the times that worked best for us, so we ended up a place called Spiral Works gymnastics.  It's a gym that has a swimming pool in the back where they teach swimming lessons for all ages. 
This year's swim lessons went much better.  J loves the water and him being older he was able to understand the instructions. So all in all it was a pretty good experience.  However, do I plan on going back? Nope.  I didn't care for the method they use to teach swimming, and J didn't like it either.  To put it simply- the unusual noodle-like float that every student has to use J hated.  It made him not want to swim.  When it was off, he wanted in the water.  When he had it on, he wanted to go bye-bye.
Here are a few pics over the last two weeks.  Thanks to RaRa for coming and taking a few pics for us.

 J was pumped for his second day of swim lessons.
Look at that happy grin.


While this year's swim lessons weren't perfect, J loves the water, and he learned a few skills.  Despite a few tears when having to wear the "special float", we had a lot of fun, and I think it was a great bonding experience. 
This is just the beginning of our water fun.  I plan to be in the water a lot with J this summer in various forms.  We also like this kind of water fun--

And this---

And what bath isn't better when it's blue--

We will also be heading to Florida tomorrow for some fun times at the beach.  I have no doubt J will love the ocean just as much as he did last year.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great weekend!


  1. What a fun, water filled way to kick off the summer! Swim lessons were a miss last year and this year? So much better! I think we are raising a little fish!
    Thanks for linking up! - Stephanie with Wife Mommy Me

  2. Yay for swim lessons! we took a break from them bc they've been hit or miss but hoping to start again. I love those photos at the beach! So so fun! Looks like he loved he waves! Thanks for joining our link up today!

  3. Aria would not wear those little floaties that go on the arm when we took her to our resort pool the other month. We just hold her when we go in her godfather's pool, and she was not having this new contraption at all!
    I meant to get on swim lessons buuuuut it was so hard to find a suitable time that I just kind of gave up. She loves the water though.
    I love that shark pool! So cute!

  4. Our kiddo did not like swim lessons this year, so I think my hubby will just teach him from here on out since he's a former swim teacher. I love your guy's little shark pool! So cute!

  5. That shark pool is so cute!! I've been thinking about getting Mason a little pool for our "backyard" aka little, tiny patio and I think that one would be perfect!
    Thanks for linking up! Happy Friday!

  6. So much fun in the water!
    I've never heard of swim lessons being conducted with a noodle like that (and I've been teaching swim lessons for years)!
    Thanks for linking up with the Summer Bucket series!!