Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Weekend- A Date Night!!!

We had a pretty great weekend!  Nothing big but it was still great!

Friday night my parents kept J overnight, so we could have a date night.  It's been a little over a month since our last date, so it was so nice!!!  It also helps that I am feeling so much better.  The last couple of date nights my parents have given us I was still in that sickly pregnancy stage, so we didn't do much.  Just sat around the house and ordered pizza.  Nothing wrong with that, but it was nice to feel good enough to go out and have a real dinner out kind of a date.

Aaron suggested we go to OlenJack's.  We haven't been to dinner there in FOREVER.  In fact, we probably haven't had dinner there since before we had J.  I honestly forget about that place, and I always wonder why.  Because seriously, it's some of the best food around!!!

Besides having an actual conversation with Aaron, we decided the best part of the date was the dessert.  Oh my!!! We got the Chocolate Meringue Butterscotch Cream pie.  Wow!!! Was it good!  I mean how can a graham cracker crust butterscotch cream filling topped with chocolate meringue not be good!!!  To make it even better there were these big homemade Heath bar chunks surrounding the pie.  Heavenly is all I have to say.  And maybe I should get my own piece next time!!!
We are such party animals!!!  We were in bed by 10:45, and I slept until 8:15 the next morning, which was so fabulous!!!
And then, we decided to tackle our office/man cave/junk room.  Well, we didn't exactly tackle the room.  I just decided we should move the bookcase with all the books into our room.  I figure if we do it little by little we will soon have it all cleared out and ready for the new baby. 
We went and got J from my parents around 2 pm, and then just lounged for the rest of the day. 
Sunday was the usual morning Bible class and worship service.  Lunch. And then, we met for our second small group of the year in the evening.  Plus, the Cowboys won!!!  I know Aaron was super psyched and in a good mood about that!  And then, to add an extra layer of goodness, it decided to be fall this weekend.  It was nice to pull out a long sleeve tee and a scarf. 
Hope your weekend was wonderful, too!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Favorites

Today I am linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Andrea, and her friends, Erika and Narci.

Since we are talking about favorites, I thought I would highlight some of my favorite things from this past week.

First off, I hit 16 weeks on Sunday, so I thought I should have Aaron take a picture.  Doubtful that I will have Aaron take a pic every week, but I thought I should get one since I am starting to show.

Second, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, I have been an organizing/decluttering fool on the days J is at school.  We are making room for the new baby as well as getting ready for a garage sale at the beginning of October.  Here were two of my projects for this week-

Cleaned out my closet and reorganized.  I try to do this at least once a year, and it was in desperate need.  I am so excited because I can now see the floor again!!!

I also worked on the cabinets in our laundry room.  They are constantly a MESS!!!  I got rid of stuff that was not needed as well as went to Dollar Tree and got a few extra containers for organization.  Then, I put my label maker to use and labeled the containers.  It doesn't look like much, but let me tell you I feel so much better.  Mainly, because I actually know what is in there now.

I decorated for fall this week as well.  I will do a more detailed post later, but I put up on IG this pic of one of our jack-o-lanterns.  J loves the glowing pumpkins.  If I haven't turned them on by the time he gets up, he goes around putting to them and saying "On".

Here is a picture of what J's lunch looks like.  Not the healthiest but he's picky so I just try to pack semi-healthy things that I think he will actually eat.  He especially loves the Mickey Mouse shaped cheeses.  My mom discovered these a few weeks ago at Walmart Neighborhood market and we have been buying them ever since.  We are now on our third bag.

Last night we had one of my all-time favorite meals.  Breakfast for dinner.  I just started doing this more in our house and am loving it.  It's one meal I don't actually put on my meal plan because I always have everything to throw it together.  I kind of feel like I am saving money.  Something I am even more keenly aware of given that I don't work right now.

I love looking in J's folder after his been to school. I like seeing the work his teacher sends home with him as well as little notes she writes.  Yesterday's note was the best!!!  When I went to pick him up, she told me verbally he had a SUPER day and that she can see him adjusting more to school.  Yay J!!! 
I don't have a picture, but we went to a Parent Orientation for J's school last night, too.  My parents came over for about an hour and played with J, so we could go.  I have been looking forward to this since we got the calendar.  I just wanted to know exactly what he would be learning and what their expectations are for him.  Another thing, I love about him being in a private school, even for preschool.  It seems more legit because you know they really want the students to learn things, not just play all the time.  I guess I am going to be one of those dorky parents that get excited to go to Open House and Meet the Teacher Nights, even when he is in junior high and high school!!!
I'm excited for the weekend!!! J is spending the night at my parents tonight, so Aaron and I have a date night and we get to sleep in tomorrow!!!
Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Life Lately

It seems as though I am getting a little behind on the blog again.  You would think that being a SAHM I would have more time to keep this space updated.  Think again!
By the way, can I just say that I am loving this new gig!!!  I had trouble giving into it at first because all I know is working, part-time or not I have been on a school calendar really my whole life.  It makes not having the stress of a new school year, kind of weird but oddly refreshing.

I told Aaron just last night how much I loving this time, and he responded with a smile.  He then told me I appeared happier than he has seen me in a long time.  I had to stop and think about it and not take offense, but he then said that I seem more relaxed and that he is enjoying the cleaner, more organized house.  And honestly, that pretty much sums it up.  Our house is getting in better order than it has been in our entire marriage. 

These Tuesday/Thursday preschool days have given me six solid hours of time to get things done.  And with a new baby on the way, I am using this valuable time to the fullest in rearranging and organizing our house.  Losing a room that is packed full of stuff is requiring me to really rethink our spaces and figure out how we are going to squeeze another body into our 1600 square foot house.

My mom and I decided this week that we would have a garage sale the first weekend of October, so I am really having to get my rear in gear to get everything moved out and ready to sell.  I also anticipate that come October I will be cleared to start substitute teaching, so my Tuesday/Thursdays will be gone.  Which means more than ever I am pushing myself to GET IT DONE!!!

So onto our life lately, I don't have a ton of pictures but like always I want to have everything documented somewhere.

J is loving school!!! He still cries at drop-off, but other than that he is all smiles.

Getting another hair cut.  Can you tell he's watching Mickey Mouse?

J loved eating homemade chocolate frosting from the pan.  Who doesn't right?
Daddy and J

A couple of weeks ago I get this in the mail.  We have NEVER received an American Girl catalog!!! I took it as a sign that we are having a girl.  I guess we will find out about that on Oct. 1!!!


A perfect Sunday evening- Sonic Drive In and playing ball on the drive way.  This was our last Sunday night of the summer.  We started back with small groups on Sunday evening this past Sunday which means we will be going to someone's house every Sunday at 5:30 for some Bible study and fellowship.  We are excited, but there is something so nice about the break during the summer and the carefree Sunday nights.

This same night we walked over to Aunt Holly's house to say hi and the fam wasn't home.  J didn't like that!!!  He cried because he wanted to see Olly!!!
Enjoying his Wendy's Frosty!!!

One day after I dropped J off at school I went to the liquor store for some vodka.  I don't enjoy going to a liquor store because I always feel kind of dirty, and I always pray no one will see me entering or exiting.  Anyway,  I went specifically for vodka for a penne recipe that mixandmatchmama posted on her food blog.  I took this pic and sent it to Aaron because I knew he'd get a kick out of me going and buying vodka.

J didn't take a nap at school this day, so after driving to and from speech therapy after school he fell asleep!!!

Back to School Picnic at J's school
This past Saturday we went to the first event at J's school, a picnic.  Other than it was sooooo hot outside, we had a good time.  We took my parents because my dad hadn't seen the grounds.  Unfortunately, the building wasn't open, so he didn't get to see J's classroom.

J loves hanging with GPa!!!


That's all for now!!!  Hope you are having a great Thursday!!!






Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Summer Wrap Up

Considering we are in the last official weekend of summer, I thought it would be a good idea to do an incredibly long post of pictures from our summer.  I was HORRIBLE about documenting this summer.  I was also HORRIBLE about blogging about summer life.  However as I was looking back through my pictures I did take a few pictures here and there that I want to record.  Despite being sick and laying on the couch ALOT, I don't want to forget Jackson the summer of 2014. 

Prepare yourselves.  There are lots of pictures.  If you aren't my mom or my mother-in-law, you can totally skip this post.  Because honestly, they may be the only people that will actually care to see this random montage.

We had to wait for a while at the car dealership while my car got serviced.  We killed some time looking at the model cars.

Love this kid's smile!!!

He loves water in all forms...

Saturday breakfast out

Enjoying the silly toy in Arby's kid's meal

Cheesy selfie...

Mall carousel

Meema's secret garden with cousins

 Fathers Day Dinner with the Chandlers

On our way to swim
J and Owen
Aaron and Marcus have been best friends forever, so it's always neat when their family comes in town.  J and Owen were born four days apart.  It will be neat to see the grow up together.

Family selfie

Lunch with my sweet friend Jehan

Enjoying his tunnel

J being one of the guys on the basketball court

Fun at the park

Lunch at Taco Bueno (aka Dauby as J calls it)
We went home after lunch and took the pregnancy test.   Eeeek!!!!

He looks so big watching tv like this.  

Bubble on the driveway with RaRa

Saturday lunch at Olive Garden
I love J's face after tasting the lemon!!!

Afternoon swimming at RaRa and GPa's with Mimi and PopPop and cousins

 Mommy/ J selfie

Zoo morning with RaRa
There was a huge Eagle on top of us, which is what J was pointing at.

Bedtime stories with Daddy
Saturday breakfast at Our Place.
Mickey Mouse pancake= Breakfast perfection for J


Love that J likes to sit right on top of me while watching Mickey Mouse.  Sweetest!!!

Helping Mommy bake chocolate chip cookies

I love this kid!!!
That wraps up our summer in pics. 
Now, it's time to move onto fall, and I am so excited.  Today, after dropping J off at school, I am cleaning my house and decorating for fall!!!
Happy Tuesday!!!