Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Tribute to our Daddies

Today is Fathers Day, so it seemed appropriate to highlight the great dads in our lives.
My dad aka GPa or BaBa


I have been blessed with a truly great dad.  He is not only a great Christian man but a pretty fun guy, too.  How many 60+ year olds do you know that still snow ski and enjoy playing sports?  I think this is just one of the many reasons J loves to play with GPa.  He already plans to teach J how to play golf as well as snow ski. It also doesn't hurt that he's not afraid to change a dirty diaper!!! LOL

Daddy also know as Daddy Doo

Where would we be with out Daddy?  Aaron is a great daddy to our little J.  They play inside.  They play outside.  J loves to play with Daddy.  Daddy also adds balance to my overprotective ways.  When I have a tendency to worry too much about little things, Aaron reminds me that it will probably be good for him to rough it a little. 
Aaron's Dad- Pop Pop
Aaron's Granddad- GG
Sadly, the only pic I have of Pop Pop and GG with J.  This is from Friday night when we celebrated Fathers Day with the Chandler family.  Both Pop Pop and GG are great fathers and grandfathers.  We also can't forget Uncle Tony who is the daddy to J's cousins, Will, Brooke and Chloe.

Happy Fathers Day to all the special daddies out there!
We're especially proud of ours!!!



  1. Sweet post about some sweet guys! I'll make sure GPa reads this. (He reads most of them!)

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    2. Ooooops! Put my comment in the wrong spot....

  2. We are blessed by some wonderful dads!! Love this post!

  3. Such a wonderful post - all of these pictures are way too cute!!