Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beach Vacation 2013- Part 1

Let me start off by saying that I am NOT a beach person.  Anybody that knows me knows I burn after standing outside for 10 minutes.  That makes going to the beach for hours and hours knowing you will be a fried lobster not sound like alotta fun to me.  However, when RaRa and GPa said they would love for us to join them in Florida, we could not turn it down!!! And we are sooo glad we did!  My mom spends a lot of time researching and finding the best vacation spots with great lodging, food, and fun things to do.

We headed out Tuesday morning from DFW to meet my parents in Florida.

A big thanks to Meema for taking us to the airport!!!
Our biggest "carry on"

Ready to get to FL.
J did so great on the plane!!!  He read books and played with stickers.  Then took a nap the last 20 minutes of the flight!!! 

GPa and RaRa picked us up at South Walton Beach Florida airport and we got a quick bite before heading to Watercolor 
Our condo for the next four days- we were on the third floor.
RaRa did it again!!! She found an amazing place to stay!
J checking out the patio!!!


Our view from condo- beach off in the distance ( a short 3 minute walk from the condo)

Headed to dinner in Seaside.  About a 10 minute walk. 
 Other houses and condos along the way.  Such a pretty area.

Dinner at Bud and Alley's Pizza Bar.  Delish!!!

LOVE him!!!

A quick stop by the beach!!!

Day 2-  At the beach in Watercolor

J is a water baby!!! He LOVED it!!!

We LOVE GPa and RaRa!!!

Couldn't be happier to be in the water!!!  

Cool Daddy!!!


Could he be any sweeter?
Bikes, bikes, bikes!!!  Everyone rides bikes in Watercolor and Seaside!  This is only about a 1/5 of the bikes parked in this area!

Mommy and Daddy dinner date!!! We went to a great little place across from the condo!  I didn't get a pic of us.  Only the food! Oops!!!  It was delish!!! A 3 cheese tray and a Mediterranean dip tray.
We had a fun first two days of our beach vacation!!!  More to come...


  1. LOVE the beach pix! It looks glorious!!

  2. We LOVE seaside/water color/watersound. My parents have a condo and beach house down there and have grown up going there, they are actually there as I type this:) That cheese tray looks so good, where did you go? Going down again in July and would love to hit that restaurant up.