Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jackson- 17 months

How is it possible that my baby is 17 months old?  Where did the time go?

At 17 months, Jackson is so much fun!!!

Here's what he's doing:
  • sleeps about 12 hours a night (8 pm to 8 am)
  • usually takes 2 naps a day (an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon)
  • isn't eating quite as much as he did a couple of months ago and has become more picky
  • favorite foods: any bread, banana, grapes, any fruit, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese quesadillas, pasta, baked potatoes, waffles, Greek yogurt, applesauce
  • doesn't like meat like grilled chicken but will eat hot dogs and lunch meat
  • until this past week he was taking a bottle of milk at night before bed
  • LOVES water- washing his hands, taking a bath (prefers it with the water running), playing in the ocean, playing in the pool, playing with the hose, shaking water out of a water bottle
  • favorite books- Pat the Bunny (loves to wave at Paul and Judy on the last page); Curious George on the Go; Jesus Loves Me
  • loves being held and flipping light switches on and off
  • says quack ("uack") when he sees a duck; says truck ("uck")
  • crawls everywhere, cruises along furniture, pushes his walker all over the house
  • loves music in all of his toys and plays them over and over
  • loves to clap, smile, laugh
  • laughs when he farts and when other people sneeze
  • loves pulling off sunglasses and glasses off of people
  • when he is really happy, he makes this wonderful sound that sounds like a purr (definitely mommy's favorite sound)
  • enjoys opening and closing doors over and over
  • waves at everyone and everything (We can be sitting in the rocker in his room and hear a truck drive by and he will start waving.)
  • when you say, "Yummy to your tummy," he rubs his tummy.
Dear Jackson,
I love you soooo much!  I can't imagine life without your sweet smile.  Every day I spend with you makes me love you that much more.  I love that you love being with mama.  You are mama's boy right now, and I will take that as long as I can get it!!!
I love you to the moon and back.
                                                                                ~ Mommy


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  1. Such a sweet note to J! Such a sweet mommy! Love you both to the moon and back!