Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Beach Vacation 2013- Part 2

This is the best trip we've been on since we had Jackson.  Granted this is only the third trip we have taken with him, but definitely the best!  It's amazing how much better a trip can be when your baby sleeps through the night, and you aren't pumping every four hours. 

Day 3- Watercolor Beach


After lunch, we headed to the nearby pool.
J LOVED the frog shooting water out of his mouth!!!


After a nap and showers, we headed out to dinner.  This time we went to Bud and Alley's Taco Bar.  We all got shrimp burritos.  Again, these were so good!!!

J's usual at any Mexican joint- a cheese quesadilla.

Such a happy boy!!!

TOUCHDOWN-  This could prove to be a cool trick with football season just around the corner!
Family pics on the beach

Ice cream in Seaside at Frost Bites!  Long line but the taste was worth the wait!

J LOVED the ice cream!!!

Couldn't get enough and quite fast enough!!!
Standing with no support!!!  Go J!!!

Bear crawling!!!  His favorite way to get places.  One of these days he will walk.
Heading back to the condo!!!
 Day 4-  It rained in the morning, so no beach!!!

Instead we did some shopping and had lunch in Seaside!
This time we tried Pickles.

After lunch, the guys headed out to the beach!  Unfortunately, the wind was so bad, so they came back after only a few minutes.

Our final dinner at the fun place across from the condo.  We went their on our date night, and we liked it so much we wanted RaRa and GPa to try it.  I only got pics of J at dinner!  Imagine that!!!

Heading home!!!
We truly had the best time on our trip to Watercolor and Seaside, Florida.   A big thanks to RaRa and GPa for taking us on their trip!!!  If you are looking for a great spot near Destin, Florida that is super family friendly this is a great place!  The non-beach person that I am, truly can't wait to go back!!! And that's really saying something.  In my definition of a great beach vacation spot, it fits the bill!  Beautiful beach, great food, plenty of things to do other than just going to the beach plus shopping!  I look forward to many more trips like this with Jackson in the future.  If this year is any indicator, I think we have a water baby on our hands.

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