Wednesday, July 17, 2013

53 Days of Summer: Week 5

We had a pretty amazing week 5!

Day 29: July 11

Playing in the water
Day 30: July 12
Playing at the splash park

Day 31: July 13

Girls Night Out with Bible study group

Day 32: July 14
Sunday morning church wears J out!

Walking around with Daddy at the church cookout.

Day 33: July 15
Hanging with his buddy, Camden, at Gym Day.

Day 34: July 16 
We stopped by Aunt Holly's for a few minutes, and J saw Whitt for a few minutes.

Day 35: July 17
Hanging with Janie and Aleaha in Cleburne.


  1. J is so sweet with little babies!
    I think it would be such a cute pic if Jackson and Camden both wore their super hero shirts with capes.