Thursday, July 11, 2013

53 days of Summer: Week 4

Over halfway through my summer, trying not to think about it. Soaking up every minute with my precious boy!!!

Day 22- July 4
Impromptu family photo- Thanks to Scott Elson!!!

Day 23- July 5

Took dinner to the Varneys and met Jonah.  J was fascinated by him.  
He laughed and laughed!!!
Day 24- July 6
J loves Daddy's closet!!!

Day 25- July 7
Lazy Sunday afternoon at RaRa and GPa's pool.
Day 26- July 8
We attempted YMCA swim lessons! 
Day 27- July 9
Love this banana-loving boy!!!
Day 28- July 10- Fun visit with my HS friend, Heather, in from South Carolina.  We seem to be on a two year rotation.  The last time we met I had just found out I was pregnant with J!!!
 Best shot we could get of Madison and J

Best shot we could get Madison to help us take.
25 more days!!! Let's make 'em count!!!

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