Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Poop everywhere

I started this blog, so I can remember years from now what life was like.  And some days that comes with the good, the bad, and the ugly or in this case the poopy!  Today was an unusual day. Let me back up- Jackson has been having a bit of a diaper rash.  Because I hate it when he has them, I try so hard to really let him air out (if you know what I mean!)  Let's just say today, I might have let him air out a little too much a little too long.  This morning we had a little poop mishap on the rug in the living room, which I very quickly cleaned up!  This afternoon I looked up while getting dinner together to see a huge puddle on the tile floor.  Then later on while in the bathroom (on the tile) we had another bit of a poopy situation.  Luckily I got it all cleaned up!!!  I can honestly say none of today's happenings freaked me out, or really made me flinch.  I guess that's a good thing.  Is this a foreshadowing to potty training next year?  All I got to say to that is- I need to buy lots of paper towel and plenty of Clorox Wipes!!!

Love my little stinker!!!

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