Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Busy 3 Days

The past three days have been so busy but lots of fun.

On Monday, we headed up to the church for Gym Day.  Miss Emily had to cancel the Swim Day because it has been so rainy this week.


Kristen worked with J on his walking!!!
 It's amazing what he will do for someone other than Mommy!

Watching the rain!!!

After Gym Day, we went home and J suddenly decided to ride the car that has been sitting in his room for almost 6 months.


Tuesday- We headed to the mall to pick up a few things. This is when we stopped for a Great American Cookie.  Mommy was nice and shared a little bit of her M&M chocolate chip cookie.

Can you tell he liked it?
After the mall and a quick stop by Green's Produce for some veggies, we stopped by Aunt Holly's to meet their new bunny, Butterscotch.  Lori and her boys stopped by for a bit and J met Whitt.
Then it was home for a nap, so Mommy could make dinner.
Mmmmm... dinner!  I'll post the recipe for the chicken I made soon!
Wednesday-  We drove out to Cleburne to spend some time with Aleaha and Janie.  Aleaha and I are work friends.  We ate lunch together every Tuesday and Thursday that is until she went on maternity leave in April.  She won't be coming back in the fall because she wants to stay home with Janie. ( I wonder why?) Plus, Cleburne is kind of a far drive to YMLA.  I sure am going to miss her and hope we get a school nurse half as great as her!
J loved pulling the chain on the lamp and turning it off and on, off and on...

And on...

Playing with Janie

 She's so sweet!!!

Patting Janie's head!
It's been a very fun week so far.  Tomorrow we head out to Jackson Hole to spend some time at the cabin with RaRa and GPa.  More pics from Jackson Hole to come!!!


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  1. Super busy 3 days! Love it when yall stop by!