Friday, July 26, 2013

53 Days of Summer: Week 6

We had a wonderful week 6 in Jackson Hole, WY

Day 36: July 18
Just got to GPa and RaRa's cabin

Day 37: July 19
At the Jackson Hole Art Fair

Day 38: July 20
 A successful swim lesson with Ruth at Teton Springs pool

Day 39: July 21
Lunch after church at The Local

Day 40: July 22
Lunch at the pool after swim lessons

Day 41: July 23
Morning walk with GPa and RaRa

Day 42: July 24
Goodbye Jackson Hole

11 more days of summer to go...


  1. My favorite pic is the one with J looking out of the airplane window! LOVE it!!

  2. I love that one too, Ali!
    I also love the one of our church family there. Special people, special memories! Can't help but think how great it is to know you can family everywhere you go! Praise God!

  3. Great pictures! Love your blog!