Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jackson Hole 2013

On Thursday, July 18, J and I headed out to Jackson Hole, WY.  I was a little nervous flying on the plane with J by myself.  However, my wonderful in-laws got me my ticket with their airline miles and got me in first class on the way up.  FIRST CLASS!!!!  That was the first time to do that EVER!  And can I say- It was AWESOME!!!  If I had tons of money, I would always fly first class.  But since I don't, I will always fondly remember my one flight with Jackson first class to Jackson Hole.

Because I had a baby by myself, I didn't get any pics on the plane.  Let's just say I was a little preoccupied.

On our way to the cabin

Picnic snack before bed


Day 1                                                                                                                                

 Our morning view from the cabin- Beautiful!!!

 Looking at the aspens with RaRa
After a lazy morning, we loaded up to head back over to JH for lunch and to go to the JH Art Fair.  We went to the Lotus Café.  We've eaten at A LOT of places in Jackson, but we hadn't eaten here.  It's definitely a "crunchy" food place.  Gluten free options, vegan, organic, juice bar, etc. It was super cool.  Maybe a little "crunchy" but I kind of like "crunchy" sometimes. To say my dad didn't love it would be an understatement.  He tolerated his sandwich. On the other hand, I LOVED my veggie burger.  I've eaten veggie burgers at many different restaurants and this was by far the best!!!  I also tried the Five Alive juice from their juice bar.  I've been contemplating juicing because I know it's so good for you.  I have to say I didn't love this combo.  -Parsley, beets, green apple, carrots, ginger- But I sure did feel healthy drinking it!!!
It's red because of the beets!

J enjoyed his quesadilla and RaRa's black beans and rice!!!

Then it was off to the art fair.  This is maybe the third one I've been to.  I like it when we happen to go up for a visit the weekend it's going on.  My mom and I bought some really cool jewelry!!!

We stopped to watch the symphony play!                                                                               

That is Alan, the preacher at Jackson Hole church of Christ.

He plays with the symphony.
Yes, those are his shorts hanging over his head.

Watching for GPa to bring the car around.

Day 2                                                                                                                   
Swim lessons at the Teton Springs pool- What a great experience!!!


We moved from the cold pool to the hot tub.

Floating on his back!
He went completely under, came to Mama, and did great!!!

A quick pic with Ms. Ruth.  She was so great!!!  Wish she lived in the Metroplex!
Inexpensive swim lessons that are fabulous!!!  We will be using her again next summer!
RaRa got some great pics of J while we were sitting on the back deck playing with RaRa's Iphone.

Then, for a change of scenery, we went and played in the grass in front of the lodge and waited for GPa to finish his round of golf.


Day 3                                                                                                               

On our way to church in JH
The church sign.  
That is actually the preacher's house in the background. 
The church building didn't make it into the picture.

We always have lunch with Alan and Mary (the preacher and his wife), but this time the McNallys and Whartons joined us, too.  We ate at another new spot, The Local.

Checking out art at the gallery Mary works at, Astoria.

Pooped out!!!
Day 4                                                                                                             
Lunch at the pool after swim lessons.  Why does food taste better by the pool?

Picnic style

Chipmunk cheeks
Sorting fries

My mom got me a 90-minute massage. It was HEAVEN!!!
 The relaxation room at the spa.  So beautiful and relaxing!  I read a People mag after my massage.
                                                        A nice break for this momma!!!

Dinner at Tony's in Driggs.  J loved watching the trucks drive by.
Day 5                                                                                                                               

Morning walk around Teton Springs


This is how he rode in the stroller so he could see better.

Looking at the ducks.

Back of GPa and RaRa's cabin

Front of cabin
After our walk, we headed back to JH for lunch and shopping.
A quick stop by the sign. It was being repaired last summer so we didn't get a picture!

GPa entertaining J while we shopped.

Day 6                                                                                                               
5:15 am and headed to the airport

RaRa and J

Goodbye JH

Conked out the last 25 minutes of the flight
Thanks to RaRa and GPa for yet another fabulous trip to their cabin.  This is J's second summer to come up, and I hope it's one of many summers he enjoys in the beautiful mountains.  I hope he loves it as much as I do!  I am so proud of this wonderful traveler!  He couldn't have been better on this trip!  Until next time!!!