Monday, February 16, 2015

Today We Become Four

Today is the day.  We welcome Bennett Scott into the world.
Our three becomes four.
39 weeks

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines' Day 2014

We didn't plan much for today because well when you could really have a baby at any minute you don't plan much.  Today started off fabulous!  J slept until 8:45 which meant we slept until 8 and then watched an episode of Friday Night Lights from bed.  What a great way to start the day!!!
After J got up we had cinnamon rolls and Aaron planned to go tutor (like he does every Saturday).  Aaron left as usual only returning quickly when his brakes went out at the front of our subdivision.  Luckily he only knocked over a bush and median sign, but still it was very scary.  I called AAA and they came and towed the car to Pep Boys for service.
J got very upset that Daddy's truck was going away.   He cried.
He kept saying, "Daddy truck go away!!!"
After following the truck to the shop, Aaron and J dropped me off for some father/son time.  Also, known as go get Mommy a Valentines gift.  While they were gone, my mom called and invited me to join her for a much needed pedi.  Not a bad way to spend some free time before having baby #2!!!
My parents had invited us earlier in the day to join them at Joe T. Garcia's.  Our weather has been more spring like than winter, so today's high was 75!!!  Perfect patio weather.  We met them at Joe T's a little before 5 and got a table on the patio.  It was so beautiful!!!
Waiting in line for our table.
My boys
Family of 3
The beautiful patio scene
RaRa and GPa
All in all it was a great day!!! A great last Saturday before Bennett joins us.
Here's what I got J this year for V day!!! Nothing big.  Just a little something.
Aaron got me flowers and chocolates.  My dad got me a box of chocolates for the 34th year in a row.  Seriously, I love nothing more than a heart-shaped box of Russell Stover's chocolates!!! 
Hope your Valentines was just as wonderful!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

J's Valentines Day Party

Today was Jackson's Valentines Day party at school. 
The party consisted of eating and making Valentines boxes. 
I am glad I was able to make it to the party. I am just enjoying all my time with my boy until another little boy decides to make his arrival.

February Randoms

Here is a post of random things that haven't made it into a post of their own.
We had dinner over at Allison and Jon Michael's a few weeks ago.  Because it was before J's birthday, they made brownies and Jude wanted to sing Happy Birthday to him.
RaRa ordered this shirt for J.  I can't wait for him to wear this!!!
I just love this picture!!!  He is constantly kissing on my Bennett bump.  He is now saying, "We will meet him soon."
J has really gotten into listening to CDs at night.  It's something he and Daddy do together.
 Birthday dinner at IHOP for pancakes.  J loves pancakes for dinner!!!
We have had unseasonably warm temps for February, so Saturday evening before dinner we went to the park.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bennett's Baby Shower

This past Saturday my mother-in-law and sister-in-law threw Bennett and me a baby shower.  It was a small shower with girls from my Bible class, family, and a few other special ladies.  They both did such a beautiful job!!!
 Me with Ali and Holly
Stacy, Sheila, and David
Isn't he adorable?
Jackie, Amanda, Eli, Aimee, and Audrey
Lauren, Emily, and Jackie
Pattie and Britney
Betty, Allison, and Jackie
Aunt Becky's gift
All the gifts.  A diapers and wipes shower is such a great idea for a second baby!!!
My mom got Bennett this personalized towel from PBK.  My mom was notably absent.  She had the flu and was running fever.  I really missed her!!!
All the wonderful gifts!!!
Bennett bump!!!
It was such a great brunch!!!  What a blessing to be showered even when it's your second baby!!!


Friday, February 6, 2015

Today on Your 3rd Birthday

Dear Jackson,

Today you turn 3!  How is that even possible?  Sometimes I have a hard time remembering life before you.  You have filled my heart with so much love and joy.  It is so true that you can't really understand a mother's love until you have one of your own.  Boy, can I tell you that a mother's love is something fierce!!!
Jackson, my love for you is unending!!!
I am so proud of the little boy you have become.  You are the sweetest!!!  I love how you have embraced becoming a big brother  You are always kissing on my bump and loving on Baby Bennett.  You talk about the things you will teach Bennett and all the things you will play together.  I have no doubt you will be the best big brother!!!

I am also proud of how much you have learned this year!!!  If we were to look back over the last year, your growth would amaze people.  You talk ALL the time now!!!  Your vocabulary is GYNORMOUS!!!  You talk in sentences and you are only 3!!!  I have told Daddy that I think you are going to be way smarter than us.  You soak up anything to do with letters and numbers.  You can count 1 to 10.  You love clocks, and constantly want to know the time.  You say, "What time is?"
You also love music!!! You are constantly wanting on our phones to listen to it.  You LOVE Jim Morrison and The Doors.  Not my favorite thing for you!!!  I leave that to you and Daddy.  You also LOVE Christmas songs!!! We listen to our Christmas CD at least once a day.
I have so many hopes and dreams for you.  I wish over the next year you continue to be your sweet self and be a super patient big brother.  I hope you continue to soak up everything around you and love going to school.  I hope your heart grows in your love for the Lord.  I haven't been the best at teaching you things about Jesus, but I hope to do better.  You love singing Bible songs and praying every night before bed.
I love you Jackson Scott!!!  What a blessing you are to so many but especially me.
9 days old
1 year pics
2nd birthday
Almost 3!!!