Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jackson's 3rd Birthday Party

I have known for a while the theme of J's party this year would be Mickey Mouse.  It wasn't until after Christmas that I really started pulling it together.  I planned to have it the weekend before his birthday instead of the weekend after since I was going to be so pregnant.  Well, come to find out I went to my doctor on Wednesday, Jan. 28 to find I was dilated to a 3.  To say I was freaked would be an understatement.  Here, my planner self had planned a party well before my due date, and I was at a 3!!!  I kind of went into I need to rest more mode so I won't have this baby before the party. 
Of course, my mom came to the rescue and helped me clean my house, so I wouldn't overdo it and have the baby before the party.  Thankfully, God was looking out for my sanity, and the party went on with no problems!!!
Here are some of the details from the party:
I think I have figured out the perfect combo to throwing a kid's party.  J's first birthday party was pretty elaborate, and after that I knew I had to find a way to throw a fun, cute party with not as much work.  For me, I have found that!!!  My party's are far from Pinterest worthy but I think they are festive and cute.  And more importantly, J LOVES them!!! 
He really got into it this year.  As I decorated over the course of the week, J would come in and point to different decorations.  He would say, "What is that?" 
I would, "It's for your birthday party." 
As the week went on, he would say, "It's for MY party!" 
"I have a Mickey party." 
"I have a Mickey cake."
Seriously, if that doesn't make you want to throw a party for your kid, I don't know what will.  And that is my driving force!!!  To make J feel special!!!!
I originally was going to order Babe's Chicken for our food, but after the doctor scare my mom suggested we do Chickfila chicken nuggets ( a J fav!!!) and some simple sides- chips, fruit, and biscuits.  Then, she took care of it all!!!  I didn't have order it, pick it up, or go to the grocery store.  My mom rocks!!!!  Everybody needs a mom like mine!
I can see more of Chickfila party trays in our future.  Talk about perfect for a kid's party!!!
Circling up for our pre-dinner prayer.
Kids' table with all the cousins.
J's version of smiling for the camera!!!
 I couldn't love him anymore!!!

 Family of 3!!!!
 Opening countless presents!!!!
The aftermath- almost as a bad a Christmas morning!!!  But thankfully Meema and Uncle Tony jumped right in and assembled the race car ramp toy we gave him!!!
In all honesty, throwing parties for J is one of my favorite things!!!  Next year, I won't have one party to plan but TWO!!!  Bring it on!!!! 



  1. SUPER great party! And the sweetest little birthday boy!!

  2. Great job on the party! Very cute! Glad you have an awesome mommy to step in and help.