Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sweet Memories

Since I found out I was pregnant, I have been quite emotional about my time with Jackson.  There are times when it's just J and I that I sit and cry with him.  Especially lately,  he has been so sweet.  I think of how it won't just be he and I anymore.  I also worry about how baby brother will take away my time with him.  Being an only child, it's hard for me to imagine not giving my undivided attention to Jackson.  Don't get me wrong I am super excited about Bennett, and I look forward to watching the brother bond and friendship form in the coming years.  It still doesn't make me a little weepy at times thinking about how I won't be able to spend time just with J anymore. 

Over the last few days, J and I have had some good one on one time.

Friday we spent the whole day together.  We didn't even leave the house.  We played and did stuff around the house.  Plus, J had a really runny nose, so he wasn't feeling 100%.  It was a good day to just hang out at home.  Again, something we've done a lot over the last 3 years, but I know this special time is coming to an end.

I love all of these, but this last one is great because it's both my boys in the picture!!!
Saturday mornings have also become J and Mommy time.  Aaron is gone all morning tutoring, so we usually just hang out in our pjs and play.  Sidenote:  J is still obsessed with Christmas.  We still sing his 4 favorite songs ALL the time!!!  And we watch Rudolph.  Specifically, the Misfits song!!! He loves that song!!!

Then, yesterday we had another Mommy/J day.  Other than meeting RaRa for lunch,  another common occurrence on these days!!!  We spent the day at home.  But because it was so beautiful outside, we went to the park after our lunch date with RaRa.  We spent an hour swinging and climbing around the playground. 
Such sweet little memories that have become such a big part of my life, I am cherishing even more now before Bennett gets here!!!


  1. So sweet! I had similar thoughts/fears before I had my second and a friend told me that "my love would double and not divide." I held those words so dear as I was scared I would lose the relationship but after having the second and now the third, I can vouch they are true!! My love has tripled in ways I never thought possible! I think Jackson will be your best helper when Bennett arrives and I cant wait to see him grow in his new role! xoxo

  2. You made me cry! After reading your post, I instantly though to myself that I have the kindest, most sincere sister a gal could ever have. I know this transition time has some emotional, weepy moments. You are a precious mommy! J is super blessed to have you as his mom:) I know you are enjoying these moments:) Love ya, Hay!