Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January so far...

This month is flying by...
I am in full on panic mode.  As of Sunday, I am 35 weeks.  For most that would mean I would have 5 weeks.  Because J came at 38.5 weeks, I have 3 weeks, but after the last two nights I am thinking it could be any day.  Seriously, I feel like I could pop!!!

Here's what we've been up to...

The first Saturday of the month we went to the mall to do our Christmas returns.  J entertained himself in front of the mirror while Aaron returned some items at Macy's.

Then, we headed to Dillard's for Aaron to exchange something else.  J and I wandered around again.  We came upon some Texas Longhorn apparel.  As soon as J saw it, he said, "Longhorns Hook 'em"  I sent my dad this pic and told him he would be proud that his teaching is rubbing off on J.

Of course, before leaving the mall, we had to get a Great American cookie.  And yes, J picked the cookie with the bright fluorescent pink icing!!!

Later on after J's nap, we headed out to use a gift card for dinner at one of our favs, Mijo's.  We arrived at the location by our house to find it closed.  We were so sad!!!  Before J, we went to Mijo's once a week for dinner.  Because we had a gift card and were craving it, we headed to the location about 15 minutes away instead.

We finished our evening with yogurt at our favorite place, Yummilicious.  Again, we hadn't been there in forever.  It was so good!!!

I honestly haven't taken that many pictures this month, but we have definitely been busy.  I have been in full on get ready for Baby Brother mode.  His room is finally cleaned out.  I have been organizing like crazy and planning J's 3rd birthday party.  I still don't feel ready for him to make his debut yet.  I still have too much to do.  With a 2 year old, it's hard to get everything done sometimes.  Thankfully, my parents are amazing and help me out so much!!! I seriously couldn't do it without them.  They take J off my hands some here and there so I can get some much needed things done.

This is Bennett's room.  A blank canvas.  I already have his bedding from Pottery Barn.  Since I took this picture, I bought a rug at Target, and my mom ordered curtains I had seen at Pottery Barn.  It will be far from completed when Bennett arrives, but I have a vision.  I am super excited about the look I am going for with this room. 
I have also really been soaking up my time with my boy.  Just when I think Jackson can't get any sweeter, he does just that.  He gets sweeter.  I am more positive than ever that he is going to be the best big brother.  Right now, he is constantly kissing my belly.  He talks about what he's going to teach him.  He will say Baby Bennett will like playing with...  It really is the sweetest thing.
Here's a pic of me at 32 weeks.  I really have been horrible at taking bump pics.

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  1. You look great and only 3-5 weeks left - eeeek! Defintally crunch time! Praying for you and your fam and so excited for yall! Also, the pics of J in front of the mirror totally cracked me up! That is Anne Margaret in EVERY store we go into!!! When you cant find her, check the nearest mirror! No doubt she is there! LOL!