Saturday, January 24, 2015

Baby Bennett at Sonic

On Thursday, I went for my final sonogram before Bennett arrives.  I had mentioned a few days earlier to J that maybe he could go see Baby Bennett on the sonogram.  J picked up on the sonogram part and immediately thought I was saying Sonic.  It was the cutest thing!!!  J kept saying, "Baby Bennett at Sonic!"

Thankfully, my mom picked J up from school as usual on Thursday and met me at my sonogram.  I didn't get any pics at the sonogram.  I am kicking myself because J was too cute!!!  So I asked my mom to snap a few pics of him when she took him to Sonic afterwards.  There was no not getting ice cream at Sonic!!!

Stats on Bennett:  He is looking great!!!  Projected weight as of now is 6.4!!!  And we have 4 weeks until the due date!!!  All in all, everything looks good!  He is head down and in position to make his arrival.  Because J was 10 days early, I am thinking he might arrive around Feb. 12,  but we shall see.  If you ask me at the end of each day, I will tell you I think he is coming right now. 

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