Saturday, January 3, 2015

Our New Years

It's hard to believe we are already three days into 2015!!!
We've had a pretty good start despite me not feeling great.  I went for my regular doctor's appointment on New Year's Eve, and she prescribed me a ZPak and some steroids.  After 4 days of sinus like junk and a worsening cough, she gave me something more than over the counter medicine I had been taking.
We spent NYE very low key at home.  I got us a Papa Murphy's Pizza and some sparkling grape juice.  Then, my sweet sis-in-law brought over fun hats and blowers since I wasn't feeling well enough to go to their house and spend the evening with them.
After J went to bed, we broke out the Welch's and I made a simple s'mores dip while we watched a movie.  It was pretty great!!!
New Year's Day was so relaxed.  I was so thankful that I had taken all of our Christmas decorations down earlier in the week and cleaned the whole house.  I really felt like I could relax and do nothing all day.  Because it was cold and dreary, we did just that.  We didn't leave the house all day.  It was so great!!!  Nothing much better than lounging around all day in pjs with white chicken chili cooking in the crockpot.  At the end of our day, Aaron declared that we should make this a tradition.  Every New Year's Day should be a do nothing hang around the house day.  I'm in!!!
I seriously couldn't love this kid anymore!!!  Such a sweetie!!!
And we had to take a pic of Daddy, too!!!
That pretty much sums up our New Year's!!! Hope yours was as relaxing!!!


  1. So fun and we did the same on our Christmas decor!! When Christmas was over, I wanted it OUT!! When New Years hit and it was gone, it was totally a breath of fresh air! May be our annual thing too! :D