Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Almost Famous...

Not really, but something super cool happened today.

I got an email from a lady at TinyPrints.com  She came across by blog and specifically my recent post about our family Christmas card.  In my post, I mentioned I had used Tiny Prints for our cards this year. Because I mentioned Tiny Prints in a positive way, I mean our card was pretty cute!!!  She asked me if I would link to their website's Christmas cards page.  In return, she is sending me a voucher for $30 to use at Tiny Prints in the future.

How cool is that!!!  I LOVE Shutterfly and Tiny Prints.  They seriously have the coolest stuff!!!

Anyway, I had to share my fun news.  And tell you that people that work for Tiny Prints are paid to look around blog land and find people sharing the love for Tiny Prints.  I want that job!!!

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