Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Weekend- A Date Night!!!

We had a pretty great weekend!  Nothing big but it was still great!

Friday night my parents kept J overnight, so we could have a date night.  It's been a little over a month since our last date, so it was so nice!!!  It also helps that I am feeling so much better.  The last couple of date nights my parents have given us I was still in that sickly pregnancy stage, so we didn't do much.  Just sat around the house and ordered pizza.  Nothing wrong with that, but it was nice to feel good enough to go out and have a real dinner out kind of a date.

Aaron suggested we go to OlenJack's.  We haven't been to dinner there in FOREVER.  In fact, we probably haven't had dinner there since before we had J.  I honestly forget about that place, and I always wonder why.  Because seriously, it's some of the best food around!!!

Besides having an actual conversation with Aaron, we decided the best part of the date was the dessert.  Oh my!!! We got the Chocolate Meringue Butterscotch Cream pie.  Wow!!! Was it good!  I mean how can a graham cracker crust butterscotch cream filling topped with chocolate meringue not be good!!!  To make it even better there were these big homemade Heath bar chunks surrounding the pie.  Heavenly is all I have to say.  And maybe I should get my own piece next time!!!
We are such party animals!!!  We were in bed by 10:45, and I slept until 8:15 the next morning, which was so fabulous!!!
And then, we decided to tackle our office/man cave/junk room.  Well, we didn't exactly tackle the room.  I just decided we should move the bookcase with all the books into our room.  I figure if we do it little by little we will soon have it all cleared out and ready for the new baby. 
We went and got J from my parents around 2 pm, and then just lounged for the rest of the day. 
Sunday was the usual morning Bible class and worship service.  Lunch. And then, we met for our second small group of the year in the evening.  Plus, the Cowboys won!!!  I know Aaron was super psyched and in a good mood about that!  And then, to add an extra layer of goodness, it decided to be fall this weekend.  It was nice to pull out a long sleeve tee and a scarf. 
Hope your weekend was wonderful, too!!!

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  1. GREAT weekend! That date night dessert looks gorgeous....