Thursday, September 11, 2014

Life Lately

It seems as though I am getting a little behind on the blog again.  You would think that being a SAHM I would have more time to keep this space updated.  Think again!
By the way, can I just say that I am loving this new gig!!!  I had trouble giving into it at first because all I know is working, part-time or not I have been on a school calendar really my whole life.  It makes not having the stress of a new school year, kind of weird but oddly refreshing.

I told Aaron just last night how much I loving this time, and he responded with a smile.  He then told me I appeared happier than he has seen me in a long time.  I had to stop and think about it and not take offense, but he then said that I seem more relaxed and that he is enjoying the cleaner, more organized house.  And honestly, that pretty much sums it up.  Our house is getting in better order than it has been in our entire marriage. 

These Tuesday/Thursday preschool days have given me six solid hours of time to get things done.  And with a new baby on the way, I am using this valuable time to the fullest in rearranging and organizing our house.  Losing a room that is packed full of stuff is requiring me to really rethink our spaces and figure out how we are going to squeeze another body into our 1600 square foot house.

My mom and I decided this week that we would have a garage sale the first weekend of October, so I am really having to get my rear in gear to get everything moved out and ready to sell.  I also anticipate that come October I will be cleared to start substitute teaching, so my Tuesday/Thursdays will be gone.  Which means more than ever I am pushing myself to GET IT DONE!!!

So onto our life lately, I don't have a ton of pictures but like always I want to have everything documented somewhere.

J is loving school!!! He still cries at drop-off, but other than that he is all smiles.

Getting another hair cut.  Can you tell he's watching Mickey Mouse?

J loved eating homemade chocolate frosting from the pan.  Who doesn't right?
Daddy and J

A couple of weeks ago I get this in the mail.  We have NEVER received an American Girl catalog!!! I took it as a sign that we are having a girl.  I guess we will find out about that on Oct. 1!!!


A perfect Sunday evening- Sonic Drive In and playing ball on the drive way.  This was our last Sunday night of the summer.  We started back with small groups on Sunday evening this past Sunday which means we will be going to someone's house every Sunday at 5:30 for some Bible study and fellowship.  We are excited, but there is something so nice about the break during the summer and the carefree Sunday nights.

This same night we walked over to Aunt Holly's house to say hi and the fam wasn't home.  J didn't like that!!!  He cried because he wanted to see Olly!!!
Enjoying his Wendy's Frosty!!!

One day after I dropped J off at school I went to the liquor store for some vodka.  I don't enjoy going to a liquor store because I always feel kind of dirty, and I always pray no one will see me entering or exiting.  Anyway,  I went specifically for vodka for a penne recipe that mixandmatchmama posted on her food blog.  I took this pic and sent it to Aaron because I knew he'd get a kick out of me going and buying vodka.

J didn't take a nap at school this day, so after driving to and from speech therapy after school he fell asleep!!!

Back to School Picnic at J's school
This past Saturday we went to the first event at J's school, a picnic.  Other than it was sooooo hot outside, we had a good time.  We took my parents because my dad hadn't seen the grounds.  Unfortunately, the building wasn't open, so he didn't get to see J's classroom.

J loves hanging with GPa!!!


That's all for now!!!  Hope you are having a great Thursday!!!






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  1. I'm sad I missed my little buddy too! Love this post:)