Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Did you think I fell off the planet?  You probably did!!!

Well, I am still here, but boy has it been a crazy few weeks.  I have wanted to blog but honestly haven't had the opportunity.  Between Aaron being in grad school and needing the computer at night plus him having a huge interview/presentation he was prepping for, my computer time has been virtually none.  His stuff has taken top priority and rightfully so.  Plus, our computer is not working as well as usual, which makes doing basic things on the computer even more difficult.

The few of you that read know this is my way to document our lives, and right now I am feeling overwhelmed because I haven't been doing that.  I think the biggest thing to say for this short post is...

We are having another BOY!!!

We found out last Wednesday. I had originally wanted to have a small family get together with pizza and cupcakes to do a gender reveal like we did with J (only much lower key!!!)  Last week was crazy busy with a garage sale and a trip to Houston for a wedding, so needless to say that idea quickly went out the window.  It was exciting nonetheless because Aaron and I both went to the sonogram and found out together.  
So it seems that God thinks I make a pretty good boy mama and doesn't want me to get confused by having a little girl in the house.  I will take that as a compliment. (I guess?) 
I am really excited because I have so many things I want to impart to both these little guys as they grow up.  I am hoping some of the things I can instill in them their future wives will one day thank me for. 
The next step now is to decide on how I want to set up this next little guy's nursery.  I've started looking a little, but haven't decided on anything yet.  I just know I want to be different from J's current room because this new boy will be his own person and therefore needs his own room.   Only time will tell what his room will look like because I really don't have any real direction like I did with Jackson's nursery.  
That's all for now.  My next post hopefully sooner than later will be a catch all because I have lots of catching up to do.

Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. Congrats on another sweet boy! Have y'all decided on a name?

  2. Yay!! So excited for you. Your boys are blessed to have you for their mama. Nursery planning is SO fun. Can't wait to see what you come up with. :)