Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Weekend for Walking and other things

Back in May, Aaron and I walked in an event called Walk4Water hosted by a church in our area.  We were encouraged by a member at our church to join him on the walk to raise money for water. At the time, I didn't really get the big deal because it was an event at another local congregation, and we hadn't been educated on what the walk was really for.  I just remember thinking 4 miles didn't seem that long.  Let me tell you- 4 miles is a LONG walk!!!

Well, this past weekend our church hosted this same walk.  Only now I have been educated.  It wasn't just a walk anymore.  Several weeks ago we had a man from the organization, Healing Hands, come and speak to us about Walk4Water and the impact this water has not only physically but also spiritually.  Wow!!!  What a story!!!

Walk 4 Water helps people in countries like Africa get fresh water wells, so they can have access to clean water.  Typically, people in Africa walk at least 4 miles to get water, and most of the time it's dirty and contaminated.  People are dying from drinking this water, but because it's all they have, they drink it anyway. With clean water wells, these people can walk for their water and know they are getting clean water.  But the greater thing is this.  Where there is water there is life.  This water becomes a place for people of the community to congregate and learn about God's word, too.  So now this life giving water is more than just a physical thirst quencher but a life saving one, too.  How amazing is that!!!  The ability to reach people's needs both physically and spiritually in teaching them the Good News about Jesus Christ!!!

This weekend our church raised money for water wells.  As a church, we far exceeded our goals and raised over $30,000 which is equivalent to 6 1/2 water wells.   Pretty cool!!!

If you have an interest in donating to this amazing charity.  Check out Woodland West's Walk4Water page.

Here are some pics I took from the walk--

J was feeling much better, but you can still see that he was not his usual peppy self.

With sis-in-law, Holly

 Just under 200 members from our church attended to support the walk

After 3 days cooped up in the house with the stomach bug, my parents offered to watch J so we could go to dinner on Saturday night.  It was nice to be out of the house and looking at food other than white rice or toast.  We went all out and had chips, salsa, and fajitas!!!

Today was our church's 55th Anniversary.  Unfortunately, I took no pictures.  It was a packed house with tons of previous members back visiting.  Aaron has been going to WWCC since birth, and I have now been a member for 10 years.  Crazy!!!  Instead of going to the church wide barbeque after services, we opted for a safer choice for J's tummy.  I am one of those crazy mamas that thinks giving your kid fried foods and barbeque is probably not the best idea just 48 hours after a bug.  We decided to go get fried rice at one of our favorites, Lotus Cafe.  They seriously have the best fried rice around!!!  J has been eating a lot of rice since Friday, so when we ordered he kept saying, "Rice time!"

 Isn't he the cutest???

 A selfie always gets him to smile!!! 

I told you I wasn't the greatest at taking bump pictures.  Since it has been 5 weeks, I thought another one was long over due.  I am 21 weeks today.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


  1. You look so beautiful, Hayley!!! Great post about WW's anni!!! Love ya!

  2. I always love reading your blog but I especially loved this one and the passion I hear in your explanation of W4W! To God be the glory!

  3. Wonderful post about walk4water. Such a great weekend. Soooo glad J is feeling better. LOVE the bump pic!