Thursday, October 9, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Here's what's being going on around our house lately.

 J is loving school!!!  He talks about his teacher, Mrs. Rickel, all the time as well as mentions several names of kids in his class.  He is also really getting into letters and numbers.  He notices them everywhere.  His favorite letter is M.  He LOVES it!!!  He picks it out of signs when we are driving around.  He just for whatever reason loves the letter.  Along with letters, he is also very aware of numbers, too.  He loves 1, 2, and 9!!!  Anytime we pass a digital clock with a 9 on it, he names it.
I love how much he loves learning. :)

A couple of weeks ago in the middle of the big interview/presentation that Aaron was prepping for J and I went to the park one evening to get out of Daddy's hair.  I was trying to do anything that week to help Aaron out, so he could work.  He would come home every night and eat dinner with us and then go off to work by himself the rest of the evening.  J was so cute.  He started saying, "Daddy yone" i.e. "Daddy alone".  That was a very LONG week for us!!!  My parents were out of town that week, so it was just J and I 24/7 unless he was in school.  I can honestly say I don't know how people live away from their family.  I got a taste of that for a week, and I was never so glad for my parents to come home.  My parents are seriously the best!!!  I have no doubt if they had been in town we would have been over at their house some in the evenings to break up the days a bit.

 During that long week, J and I went to the zoo one day.  My mom usually goes with us, but we decided to go without her this time.  We had the best time!!!  J walked around the zoo A LOT!!!  He is getting so BIG!!!  ( Sidenote: If you are needing suggestions to give people for Christmas/Birthday gifts, ask for zoo passes.  My sis-in-law, Holly, told me years ago that her parents would get them family passes to the zoo at Christmas.  Let me tell you.  BEST GIFT EVER!!! My parents got passes for us at J's Birthday, and it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.  I LOVE that we can go to the zoo for an hour here and there on a random morning and not feel guilty because we didn't stay long enough to get our moneys worth.)

Again, this same LONG week, my mom offered for us to go to her house and play to break up our day.  On Saturday, J and I played at RaRa's house with RaRa's toys, so Daddy could have the afternoon to work.  We, of course, had to send RaRa a pic of us at her house playing.

Dinner at El Fenix with my boys!!! Love them!

I finally made it to the new Sprouts by our house.  I loved it!!!  I haven't been back, but I did love it.  I am just not good at going multiple places to grocery shop.  I am really watching our grocery bills and try to only go once a week and get it all for the week.  I have found I save money that way.  Plus, I love meal planning.  It also saves us money.  Anyway, I really like Sprouts I'm just not sure how often I will make an extra trip to get my veggies and fruits there.

Johnny Appleseed Day-  I didn't know such a day existed, but it does at J's school.  So on this particular day, the kids dressed in jeans and white tees and sampled apples and made hats.

We don't get with my dad's side of the family that often, not even for Christmas anymore.  A couple of years ago, my aunt decided we should meet in the spring and fall on a Saturday to celebrate birthdays.  The last Saturday in September we met at my parents' house for lunch to celebrate all the fall birthdays.  It was fun getting to catch up and see everyone!!!

Last Friday, we had a garage sale at my mom's house.  We are trying to purge and reorganize our house to make room for Baby Boy #2.  The sale was a success!!!  We made a good amount of money to help us buy a few new things for the newest member of the family.

While Aaron and my dad went to Austin for the Baylor/UT game, my mom, J, and I headed to Houston for a wedding.  While we were there, we got to spend some time with my cousin, Jeremy.  He went with us to the wedding, and then we had breakfast with him on Sunday morning before heading home.  It was a quick but fun trip.

We've had a pretty busy couple of weeks, and I don't think we will be slowing down anytime soon.  It's just that time of year where there is something going on every weekend.  


  1. Wonderful happenings, Hay!!! Looks like J loves the zoo!!!

  2. I love seeing all the pics of you and J! So much to be thankful for!