Saturday, April 5, 2014

The STAAR and lots of pasta

I don' t know about you, but I am so ready for summer.  I am ready for the carefree days and no set schedule. 

We had STAAR testing this week at my school.  Five hours of sitting and staring at students with no computer, email, reading, doing anything is a beating.  I have a hard time sitting still when I have a long list of to do's sitting on my desk. 
Am I the only person that doesn't remember having this much testing in public school growing up?  I mean seriously.  These poor students test ALL the time.  And when they aren't taking a test they are taking a practice test or going to tutoring to prep for the test.  I know Jackson has several years until he's in real school, but I already think about him having to do all of this for a state test.  What happened to going to school to learn just to learn?

I made this for dinner on Monday night, and it was delish.   I will definitely be making it again because it was super easy.  Plus, J ate it!  I just love Shay at  She makes meals that are simple and delicious.  I would have never put bacon and corn in a pasta, but trust me, it was really good!!!

Speaking of Monday night's dinner, I made this while J was playing.  By himself.  Let me repeat that- J was playing by himself.  When did this happen? 

Tuesday night Katy joined us for dinner to give J his birthday present.  After dinner, we played out on the driveway.  J loves Ms. Katy!!!

Yesterday, I went to Olive Garden to pick up pasta for one of our prides.  The pride (a group of about 50 students) won it for raising the most money for our Leukemia and Lymphoma coin drive back in January.  This pride raised $120.  The cool incentive is that the class or group that wins gets a pasta lunch from Olive Garden.  Hints the name of the coin drive- Pasta for Pennies.
Happy Saturday!!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by!!!! Usually if you buy a blog design they will install it for you, so you don't have to mess with the coding at all!! And my hubby would totally roll his eyes too!!! Oh, and I'm going to post this on your blog too!! I never know where to post replys!!

    By the way, where do you teach at?!
    Tara :)

  2. Love this blog post -- and anything with pasta!!