Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wanna Go For A Ride?

This kid kills me.  Today, he actually decided to ride in his car.  He's done that maybe a handful of times since he got it for Christmas.  His preferred activity is pushing it into the street where we then have to retrieve it.  Fun for him.  Not so much fun for Mommy or Daddy.
You wanna know what else kills me.  His picky eating ways.  Seriously, sometimes I don't understand him.  One day he loves one food item.  The next day not so much.  It drives me crazy!!!  I am a big planner, and this doesn't go with my planning ways.  The picture above is him with a smoothie I made specifically for him.  I thought we would try something simple, so I could work him up to maybe a green smoothie.  Did he like it? Nope.  Did he even try it? Nope.  I mean really?! Frozen strawberries, half a banana, chocolate milk, and vanilla Greek yogurt.  What's not to like?  I even made another one yesterday, and offered it to him two different times with no luck. 
Despite his ridiculousness, I love him!!!  I mean who doesn't love this--
J with all his "friends." Notice a theme- 3 Mickey Mouses and 4 monkeys. He knows what he likes, most of the time. ;)