Wednesday, April 23, 2014

At the Zoo with Daddy

On Monday, Aaron had the day off, so we took full advantage.  After sleeping in until 8:30!!!  Thank you, J!  We loaded up and headed to the zoo.  My parents got us zoo passes, so it makes going to the zoo for just a couple of hours very doable and inexpensive.

As we pulled into the parking lot, we noticed a bus unloading with kids that looked to be our nephew's age.  What are the odds, right?  His grade was having their field trip that day and on his birthday.  What a fun way to spend your birthday!  Plus, we got to see him!
 J and Will
 Daddy and J (he wasn't too pleased with this pic)
Their is an exhibit called Gigantabugs right now.  I took pics of the grasshopper and fly.

 J looking at the pretty flamingos.

 So sweet!

 Yay!!! The "roars" were out!!!  And boy did he give a show and live up to J's name!

 Looking at the "roar"
Yep.  J gets distracted at times because he wants to push the stroller.

Not the best pic, but the only one we got of all three of us.

We ended up at my favorite place for lunch, McKinley's.  J ate really well!!!  Shocking, I know!  So he really enjoyed his "duh" (duck) iced cookie.
It was truly a perfect way to end a wonderful Easter weekend!!!