Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jackson Meets Baby Lugo

Audrey and Eddie had their baby yesterday, and it was a boy!!! How cool that they waited to find out!  Because he was born so late yesterday, we decided to go up for a few minutes tonight after dinner. 
I would tell you his name, but they haven't decided yet.  They were throwing some names around as we were there, but still no definite.  I can't wait to find out what they decide on.  I guess we'll know tomorrow since he has to have a name before they can leave the hospital. 
Can I just say that I am always so impressed with how great most moms look after having a baby? Audrey was no exception.  She looked fabulous and perfectly calm!!!  I didn't take her picture, but you'll just have to trust me that she looked great.
I did however get pictures of J and Aaron with the baby. 


J was so great!!! He laughed, pointed, and waved at the baby.  He was so excited!!! He kept wanting to look at him.  My favorite was that he kept saying "baby" over and over.  When I would nod and repeat "baby," a couple times he pointed to himself.  It cracked me up because if you know J, he refers to himself as baby.  He just didn't want us to forget that he is still the baby too.


  1. I love the expressions on his face! I can "hear" him saying baby! J will always be RaRa's baby!

  2. Precious blessings!! Thank the Good Lord!