Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Easter Weekend: Part 1

We had the best weekend!!!
First off, I have to show an art project we did for Easter to give to grandparents.  I say art project like we do them all the time!!!  Let me clarify.  This was our first ever art project.  I found the idea on Pinterest, and I think it turned out pretty cute!

We used large marshmallows to paint on the bunny and egg.  Of course, J wanted to eat the marshmallow!!! What kid wouldn't right?  Anyway, we did our first art project.  Now, I just need to come up with another one.

Onto our weekend--

On Friday night we headed to Meema and PopPop's for dinner and some egg hunting.

Meema always has peep cake or this year peep cupcakes.

 This is how J felt about egg hunting.  He would rather push his shopping cart.
Starting to get the hang of it.

 Hey, there's something in there!
Now, he likes!!! Notice the blue candy drool.
 There was a lot of hanging out on the patio...
 taking cousin pictures...
 more playing...
 Will and Chloe blew out birthday candles...
 playing basketball...
a game of Horse...
and J loved it!!! 
As I was watching him, I imagined him being 14 out there playing like this only really shooting baskets and having the best time.  He's getting so BIG!!!!
On Saturday night, we headed to Dallas for Zach's Birthday party at my aunt's.  As you would suspect, we also hunted Easter eggs!!!


 the kids' table
 the adult table ( oops!!! blurry!)
 Some egg hunting...
 Smiley Addi
 I love their reactions!!! Priceless!
 By hunt #2, he was starting to get the hang of it.

 Oh!  The treasures inside!  It was a car sticker.

 Another cousin picture!  Aren't they the cutest?
Love these 2 little redheads.  I think they are beautiful!!!
 As if candy and stickers weren't fun, we went back inside for Easter baskets. 
One from Aunt Donna
 the other from RaRa (notice the Mickey coloring book!!!)
Then, it was time to head home, so we could go to bed and be ready for Easter!!! 
Up next... Easter Sunday!!!


  1. Jackson definitely has the best expressions, and I'm pretty sure no one is quite as enthusiastic! Before you blink he will be 14! Love him more than words can express!

  2. I'm very fond of those 2 beautiful redheads too! Love my practice grand kids!