Sunday, April 27, 2014

Plants, a Party, and a Tractor

We've had such a great weekend.
Before I get to that, I wanted to show off my plantings for the season.  It's really not a big deal but still something I enjoying doing in small amounts.
J and I went to Home Depot to get begonias to plant on Thursday only to have to go to Lowe's because they were out of flats of begonias.  I thought it was kind of strange given that begonias are pretty common this time of year.

I told you I don't plant a lot.  I am just hoping that get as big and pretty as they did last year. 

Thankfully, RaRa stopped by during my planting.  She and J played bubbles. 
Friday night we went to Smashburger and then next door to Yummilicious.  I'm still not a fan of Smashburger.  It's okay, but there are definitely better burgers.  There isn't better yogurt.  Yummilicious is the best!!!

Saturday morning we got up and walked 4 miles.  We walked for a fundraiser called Walk 4 Water.  It an organization that helps people in places like Africa get clean drinking water.  The idea of 4 miles comes from the fact that most people in these countries walk an average of 4 miles to get drinking water daily that is often contaminated with diseases. 

This is the small group from our church that represented.  Our church is going to host it's own walk like this in October.
I'll go on to say I am pitifully out of shape.  I haven't done anything more than a random walk around our neighborhood from time to time since before I had Jackson.  That being said.  I was so glad when that 4 miles was over.  As we were finishing up, I told Aaron I am so thankful I don't have to walk 4 miles a day to get my water.  Learning about things like this really makes you thankful for the little things in life.  Getting a glass of water from my kitchen sink never seemed so easy!!!
Saturday night we had a small birthday party for my mother-in-law i.e. Ali , Meema, or Mimi.
We had Papa Murphy's pizza, and I made key lime cupcakes.

It was a super simple family party with the most delicious cupcakes
 in honor of Meema's love for key lime.
Then, we played out on our court.

Today we went to church and lunch as usual.  When we got home, the house across the street was having some work done to their lawn with a tractor. 

This boy loves cars, trucks, tractors, you name it!!!
That's our weekend in a nutshell. 
Hope yours was every bit as great!!!

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  1. What a nice "simple" party! The cupcakes looked delicious! Of course any pic with Jackson in it, is a great pic. Love my sweetness!