Monday, March 31, 2014

March Final Roundup

Where did the last week or two go?  Seriously!!!  I have every intention to blog a lot more but like most hobbies something else wins out like making dinner or folding laundry.

A couple of Saturdays ago I had dinner at Uncle Julio's with some girls I went to grad school with.  It was fun to catch up with a few of them!!!

Hopefully, Aaron doesn't kill me!!! This cracked me up!  It was a little cold outside and we were playing with J, so he decided to wear socks and flip flops.  Good look, Daddy!!! :)

It's been so pretty lately.  J and I play outside as much as we can on my days off.  Love my J!!!
Earlier last week I turned on Mickey Mouse and left the room to go get dressed and put my makeup on.  I came back in 20 minutes later and he was still sitting on the couch watching Mickey.  That's a first!!!  He now can sit through a whole 23 minute episode of Mickey.  Maybe not something to be super proud of but for this mama I consider it an accomplishment.  So many moms talk about how their kids sit and watch TV, but I have never experienced it.  Not that I plan to have him watch hours and hours, but I will take 23 minutes here or there, so I can get something done!!!
This weekend my mom and I drove to Tyler for a baby shower for Shelly and baby Allie Jean.  We had such a great time seeing such wonderful friends.  The Mullins Family is seriously one of my favorite families!!! :)

After being gone at the baby shower, I came home to find J watching an episode of Mickey before his nap.  He came and sat on the couch with me while I was on the computer and did this.  My heart melted!!!  He's such a sweet boy!!!

My parents joined us for dinner at The Flying Fish on Saturday night.  J loved sitting in the booth in his booster.  No melt downs!!! Thank goodness!!!  He had the best time looking out the window at the people walking by.

We had frozen yogurt after dinner on Saturday.  I love J's face in the pic with Aaron.  He looks like he doesn't like it, but he actually did!!!

On Sunday afternoon, we went and got a car wash.  Talk about cheap entertainment!!! J is so fascinated by the whole thing!!!  The first pic is him watching the car ahead of us getting their car wash.  It's rivoting stuff I tell you!!!

After the car wash, we stopped by Jimmy John's for subs and then were off to the park.  Despite being a little windy, it was a perfect evening.
We've had a great end to March and are looking forward to April and Easter!!!
Tomorrow and Wednesday I will be conducting the STAAR test to a group of four 8th graders in my office!!! 4 hours of silence and staring at kids taking tests!!! Sounds like fun!!!
Have a great week!!!

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