Sunday, March 2, 2014

Zoo, Birthday Parties, and Girls Night

What a great weekend!!!  After last week, I was in need of a fun weekend.  As I write this, I am trying not to stress about a work email I just read.  I should really be putting in online course requests instead of doing this. But in typical fashion I am putting it off for later tonight.

It started with having Friday off.  Woohoo!!! I usually work a half day on Fridays, so I savored having the entire day to spend with my boy.

I called my mom on Thursday night to tell her J and I were going to the zoo to see if she wanted to join us.  Of course, she rearranged her schedule to come with us.  We had the best time!!!

 J got to see the "mun" i.e. monkeys

I love this one!!! This little girl came up and was invading J's space. 
He wasn't too sure about that!!!

Note: the zoo stroller!!! Yes! I forgot my stroller.  Duh!

Pointing at the "roars" i.e. lions

 One of my favs of the day!!! J loves his RaRa!!!

 Lunch at my favorite- McKinley's
You can't eat at McKinley's without a cookie!
After all the zoo fun, J took a good nap, which allowed me to get some cleaning done.  When he got up, I decided to vacuum.
This is J peeking around the corner as I vacuum the hall. 
 J has a love/hate relationship with the vacuum cleaner. :)

On Saturday, we ran errands before back to back birthday parties in the afternoon.
One of our stops was the mall to get J new tennis shoes since his foot is growing, growing, growing.
We ate at the food court and then--

J went on the carousel for the first time.  He LOVED it sooooo much!!! He squealed with delight the entire time!!!
Then it was time for birthday party fun!!!
First up-- Brooke's Frozen B-day Party
 We live three streets from the other Chandlers so we walked.

It was a fun party for Ms. Brooke!!! Can't believe she's 6!!!  She was born on our first wedding anniversary- March 3, 2008.  What are the odds?
After a quick nap for J, we headed to our second party for Zeke and Caitlyn.  Their moms did a combo pirates and princesses party and had a fun bounce house.

J was unsure of the bouncy thing at first but he loved going down the slide with Daddy!!!
I left my boys at the kids' b-day party to head to another birthday celebration for Katy.  She is Aaron's cousin so my cousin-in-law.  All the girl cousins/cousins-in-law minus Holly went out to dinner.  It was a fun girls night out!!!  We don't get together often enough, so it was fun to catch up.
Of course in Texas fashion, we went from the 70's and flip flops on Friday/Saturday to the 30's and sleeting today.  We are recouping this afternoon after church.  We are huddled in for the day with the heater blasting, sweatpants, and fuzzy socks.
Hope you had a great weekend, too!!!


  1. I miss living close to a zoo sometimes! Looks like yall have been having lots of fun! :)

  2. You did great at taking pictures! Looks like a bust but fun weekend.

  3. Perfect day for the zoo! I'm craving some of that nice weather now! Love your shoes in that last pic. So cute!

  4. We love the zoo, what a fun weekend!!

  5. Lots of birthdays -- how FUN!!