Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday- Birthday edition

Where did February go???  This month just flew by.  With being sick, J's birthday, and Valentine's Day, the month is gone.

Well, I am about to branch out from my usual posts today. Today with my Five on Friday, I am listing five things that are on my birthday wish list.  Last night Aaron asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I told him I had been thinking about doing a post to make it simple.  I figure I will take all of the guess work out.  Now, let me clarify that I do NOT expect to get all of these items!!! I am just putting five things I have had my eye on in one spot.  ;)

These are listed in no particular order!!!


I love me some Toms.  I discovered that they fit my hard to fit skinny foot two Christmases ago and now I have four pair.  I would love to add a fun new spring one to it.  I like the above pair and this pair in coral or teal or navy. I can't decide!!!


It took me a while to jump on the scarf bandwagon, but this fall I finally gave it a go.  And I really like a scarf.  It adds a fun color to an outfit and really makes you look put together.  Since I don't have any fun springy ones, I would love to have one.  The top scarf is from the Gap found here.  The middle is from Nordstrom Juniors found here. The bottom one is also Gap found here.
Yes.  I want a label maker.  I have so many organizational projects that I want to do around the house.  I think this little gadget might help me with some of them.  I have no idea what is the best type of label maker but here's one on amazon with pretty good reviews for a good price.

I was looking on Pottery Barn Kids the other day and fell in love with this garland.  I don't have any Easter décor but plan to get a few things this year.  I would love to hang this in front of our mantel.
This is an experience and gift wrapped in one.  It's a place in Dallas that you can go and get your hair washed and styled while drinking fun little drinks with friends.  How fun does that sound!!! I love, love, love having my hair blown out.  I think this would be fun to do with a friend.  Definitely a treat!
There it is.  My birthday wish list. I don't enjoy giving people ideas for gifts for me because I usually can never think of any. 
Have a great weekend!!!
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