Friday, February 14, 2014

Jackson's 2nd Birthday Party- Cars and Trucks

Last Saturday we celebrated Jackson's second birthday.  Because this boy LOVES him some cars and trucks, I went with it.  I was determined this year to have a much lower key party than last year.  I wanted it to be fun and cute but not a lot of work.  My approach this year was to buy decorative items off etsy to tie the whole party together and keep my menu super simple. 

I found a lady on etsy who had a great package with a cars and truck theme that I really liked.  She worked with me and customized the items I wanted to buy.  Because she lives in South Africa, she sent me the attachments via email and I took them to my local Staples and had them printed.  I cut and assembled and like magic my party looked super cute with not a ton of effort.

I kept the food super simple!!!


I served hot dogs with fixings and chips.  For dessert, we had Walmart cupcakes, stoplight Jello cups, and little chocolate donuts.  Super easy because the only thing I actually made was Jello!!!
To tie everything together, I did bright fun primary colors and sprinkled in some of J's cars and trucks for good measure.


It wasn't a fancy party, but it sure was fun.  And more importantly, J LOVED it!!!  He truly had the best time!  We just invited our closest family.  All the people he knows and loves.

We ate hotdogs...

We had cake...

We opened gifts...

It was all around a great party!!!

A big thanks to all of our family that came and helped us celebrate this special guy!
Love my little car loving boy to pieces!!! 


  1. You did a great job! The jello is adorable and I love the invites!

  2. You pulled off an excellent party! Everyone looked so happy!