Sunday, February 2, 2014

It's Hit!!!

We are sick over here!!!  Ugh!!!

It started on Friday morning with the dreaded stomach bug for me.  I woke up on Friday morning not feeling well.  It went downhill from there.  And then it happened.  The thing I dread the most.  Yep, I threw up!!! So NOT fun!!!  I can probably count on one hand the number of times I have thrown up in my life, and I really hope to keep it that way.  I HATE throwing up!!!

Because I was kind of preoccupied on Friday morning, my parents came and got J.  They kept him all day. My parents are the best!!! Not only did they keep J all day, my mom took all my stuff up to my school for the chips and queso snack set up we had planned for Friday for our staff.  Talk about going above and beyond!!!

J came home Friday night after Aaron got home.  By then I was feeling so much better, just not at all interested in eating!!!  Unfortunately, J wasn't acting himself and went to bed with a slight fever.

J woke up on yesterday morning still not seeming himself, and by noon he was running a much higher fever.  He and I laid on the couch for a couple of hours while he had his "delirious babblings."  This is only the second time he's been sick with a fever, and the last time he did the exact same thing.  He cuddled and babbled.  Super sweet and sad all at the same time.

We ended yesterday with my parents bringing us dinner. My mom made this delicious chicken and rice because she knew I was being careful with what I was eating.  Again, above and beyond!!!

Last night was a long night with J.  We gave him Tylenol before he went to bed, but when I went in for his nightly diaper change before I headed to bed, he did not want to go back to sleep in his bed.  I let him "sleep" with us for a couple of hours.  (I guess you could call it sleep.)  I took him back to his bed where he slept for a couple more hours before waking up again.  We did this another time before it was actually time to get up.

J and I stayed in from church today, and it's almost exactly like it was yesterday.  He had another couple hours of "delirious babbling."  Needless to say, first thing tomorrow morning we will be going to the doctor.  Poor buddy is as sick as I have ever seen him!!!

 Still all smiles on Saturday morning before--
he crashed on me like this

Here's to hoping we get completely well this week in time to celebrate a big 2nd Birthday party next weekend!!! :)  Hope your weekend has been much better than ours!!!


  1. After a weekend like that I always need another weekend. I hope you all feel better soon!

  2. Oh no!!!! Hope everyone feels better soon!

  3. I love your blog