Saturday, February 15, 2014

Be My Valentine

Is it possible that I like Valentines Day more now that I have Jackson?  I know this might not be very girly of me, but I have always thought Valentines Day was overrated.  I never really got the big deal.  Don't get me wrong, I love some chocolate!!!  I am so thankful that my dad to this day still buys me a heart-shaped box of Russell Stover chocolates and a Valentines card.  I look forward to eating every last one of those chocolates (minus the few Aaron sneaks).

Maybe it's because I see some of the things other moms are doing on other blogs or Instagram, but it has gotten me more into the spirit of creating something fun for J.  Granted I didn't do a lot, I wanted to do a few things to make the holiday a little bit of fun for him. 

On Wednesday, I decided we would make Valentine cookies.  J isn't old enough to actually help with the cookies yet, but he sure does like to watch the mixer go round and round.  So I had him sit in his high chair and he watched while I dumped all the ingredients into the mixer.  He also ate some Valentine M&M's.  He was definitely on quality control and mixer patrol.  :)

On Valentines Day, we had a low key day.  I worked the first half of the day.  Before J's nap, we put up Valentine window clings that I totally forgot I bought!!!  Oops!!!

For dinner, we had heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's.  So yummy!!!

I got my Mickey Mouse loving boy--
  Mickey Mouse

Of course he loved Mickey!!!
He had to give "Me" a hug!

J ate his pizza off of a heart plate.

And then we finished it off with Mickey Valentine cookies!!!  How cute are those Pillsbury cookies!!!
He kept looking at the cookie and saying "Me."  That boy certainly loves Mickey Mouse!
It was a wonderful Valentines Day, complete with heart-shaped pizza, roses, and Mickey Mouse.  Nothing all that special but probably one of my favorite Valentines.  Sometimes it's the simple things that are the best!!!
Speaking of my Valentines --
Here's a pic from today.  I love my boys!!!
I hope you had a wonderful Valentines with your sweethearts!!!

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