Monday, March 17, 2014

So Long, Farewell...

auf Wiedersehen, good night
I hate to go and leave this pretty sight.
I love The Sound of Music!!! Don't you?  I think this line just about sums up my feeling about Spring Break ending.  I am sad to see it go.  On to the summer break countdown...Come on June 10th!!!
As for Spring Break, it was definitely memorable.  We started with two days of picnics, and in Texas like fashion it got cold!!! 
Then on Wednesday, Mema, my dad's mom, passed away.  She was 92 and lived a good, long life. 

I am so glad she got to meet Jackson.  She dearly loved him!!!
Friday night there was an amazing turnout of family and friends at her visitation.  Then on Saturday afternoon we celebrated her life with her funeral.  She would have been pleased with the number of people that came as well as the service.  It truly is one of the greatest blessings to be a part of such a wonderful church community.  It's during times like these that you really see what it means to be a brother and sister in Christ. I don't know how people in this world survive without their faith and their church family! 
I wish it had read Helen Maxine Jackson Poplin.
Today, we had her burial.  It was a beautiful day despite being a little cold. 

I think this Spring Break was a great reminder to really treasure every moment with the people you love.  I know I am horrible about thinking and looking forward to the next big thing- i.e. summer break. I saw this saying on a pillow in the window of our local Gene Allen's last weekend, and I just love it!!!
Have a great week!!!



  1. I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother..
    I am sure she was a wonderful lady!
    I am glad you got some nice picnicking in during spring break!
    My husband has his break this week, and I am so enjoying him being home more!

  2. Great title for a great post!

  3. Beautiful! Daddy really appreciated this post.