Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday

We're to the end of yet another week, and I am so excited.  I love Fridays normally, but this Friday is even better than your average Friday.  Why? Because next week is Spring Break!!!  When you work in education, you come back from Christmas Break and always think...if I can just make it to Spring Break. 

Here's a recap of our week-
On Monday, we celebrated 7 years of marriage.  Because it was a Monday, we didn't have anything planned, but as luck would have it- Aaron had a Snow Day.  I don't usually work on Mondays, so we had a nice family day because there was really no ice.  We had lunch with my parents, got Starbucks, and had dinner with Aaron's family. It was an all around Family Day!!! Not a bad way to spend an anniversary!!!
On Wednesday, we finally had our appointment for Jackson with the neurologist.  We have been thinking about this appointment since the end of November.  The day finally arrived, and thankfully everything appears to be going great for our little man.  J's neurologist with Cook's Childrens was the best!!! After talking to us and going through J's developmental history, he sees no need to go through a battery of tests- MRI, blood, urine, etc.- for us to only find out there is nothing out of the ordinary.  His doctor wants us to keep going to his therapies- speech, OT, PT, and we will go back in 6 months for a re-check to make sure he is still progressing.  I will tell you for Aaron and I that was a huge burden lifted when we heard this from the doctor.  A BIG PRAISE God for this one!!!
I just got my second big order from Mary Kay this week.  I had so much fun on Tuesday night going through and organizing the new products I got.  I ordered some of the Spring Collection that is so bright and fresh.  I will have to do a post next week on specific products I am liking.  Putting some of the fun eye colors and lip sticks on, make me all the more ready for spring to finally arrive.
Tonight my parents are keeping J overnight for us, so we can celebrate our anniversary.  We are excited for a dinner out and sleeping in a bit on Saturday.  Not a bad way to kick off Spring Break!!!

Just in case you didn't catch it the first time, I am officially on Spring Break at about 1 pm today.  While I might not be going to the beach, I will be spending my week with some of my favorite people.
Happy Friday!!!
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