Saturday, December 6, 2014

October Happenings

October was a pretty great month!!!  Sit tight because I have lots of pics!

If you follow me in Instagram or we are friends on Facebook, some of these pics will look familiar.

One night at the beginning of October, Aaron had a pregnancy craving for a DQ blizzard.  Who said the pregnant lady always gets cravings?

Unfortunately, J got a pretty mild stomach bug.  Luckily, it wasn't too horrible, and he only missed school on Thursday, but it still wasn't fun.  Poor buddy didn't feel good.  He still talks about it.  Anytime he coughs he usually says, "Mess?" Because a couple of different times he coughed and threw up on the carpet.  Because his language has taken off, this has also started the idea of "feeling better."  He now says, "Tummy feel better."  Or if someone else is sick or hurt he might say, "Daddy feel better?"  It's really the sweetest thing!!!

The second week in October I started working as an AVID tutor at my old junior high.  I work every Tuesday and Thursday while J is in school.  I work 9 hours a week, and thankfully my mom and mother-in-law are able to pick J up from school for me on those days.  It's been quite an adjustment going from being heavily in charge (either in my own classroom or as the school's counselor) to working in another teacher's classroom.  I do like knowing I am helping out our family in some way financially even if it is small.

 LOVE this kid!!!

J and I went to the newly renovated park down the street from Meema and PopPop's.  J had the best time!!!
On Friday, October 17th, my mother-in-law and sis-in-law and I drove out to Granbury for our church's second ladies retreat.  The theme was Trust Without Borders.  Like last year, my fav part of the weekend was staying up late talking to my roomie, my sis-in-law, Holly.  We don't get to talk just the two of us very often, so it's always lots of fun.
October 20th is my mom's birthday, so we went out and celebrated her.  We went to downtown FW for a really delicious meal and AF&B.  It was a fun evening just spending time with my parents without J.  That doesn't happen very often anymore, so it was a nice treat for us all.

Some school artwork of J's

I'll be honest.  I am not a Pinteresty mom.  Shocker!!! I know!  Anyway, I have plans to do more stuff than I do.  Well, one day I decided to have J and I to decorate pumpkin shaped cookies.  It went a lot better in my head.  J's attention span for such things isn't that long.  He did LOVE the sprinkles. 
Next up... Pumpkin Patch Pictures

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