Sunday, December 7, 2014

November Hodge Podge

This photo was technically taken on Halloween during pre-voting, but I decided to slip it in for November.  I just LOVE this kid!!!

 J suffered from a nasty, nasty diaper rash at the beginning of the month.  So bad that I didn't send him to school at all that week.  The doctor said it was because of his 2 year molars, and she gave us some antibiotic cream to use.  Needless to say, we did a lot of "bobo soaking" in baking soda.  When we go to RaRa's, he gets to rinse his bobo off in her amazing shower.  He LOVES it!!!  Not a bad way to soothe a sore bobo.

I promise no more naked booty shots, but I had to document this.  I FINALLY bought a stool for J's bathroom, so he can reach the sink.  He is loving it!!!  He LOVES to wash his hands.

We FINALLY did it!!!  We took the plunge and no longer have U-Verse DVR!!!  We bought the Roku box and subscribed to Netflix and Hulu Plus.  We also set up some good old fashion rabbit ears, so we can get basic local channels.  To be honest the transition has been pretty painless for me.  It's been a little harder for Aaron with football, but he has managed to watch almost all the games on regular TV.  I think the biggest thing is the amount of money we are saving, and that feels really good!!!

 This is just a random Sunday lunch pic.  We had fried rice at a local Vietnamese restaurant by our house.  My picky, picky eater loves fried rice!!!  I just thought he looked so big sitting in the booth next to me, so I had to take his picture.

 Another big boy moment- I pulled out a booster seat for him to sit at our kitchen table and color.  Then the next day at breakfast (can't remember why Aaron was home for breakfast?) J wanted to sit in his booster again and eat like a big boy.  It was short-lived, but it was cute!!!

J's first "not so hot" hot chocolate!!!

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