Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

We had an interesting Christmas this year.  First off, Aaron had Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the 26th off, which was fabulous.  We were able to (sort of) sleep in.  More on that later!!!

The night/morning of Christmas Eve.  J woke up crying and would not go back to sleep, so he ended up in our bed for the rest of the night.  Not the best for sleeping but J evidentially did sleep. (Note dark picture below.)

We woke him up about 9:30 once the red velvet pancakes were ready.

Another Yes Mom moment.  He played in the almost gone canister of oatmeal.  He LOVES it!!!

Then, he helped clean up!!!
Christmas Eve we always spend with my side of the family.  So around 5 pm after J's nap, we headed to RaRa and GPa's. 
My mom always gets tamales from some place local and we have Mexican food for dinner.

Love this one of J and Addi!!!

J really got into opening gifts this year!!!

We usually let the kids open first, so they can play with their new stuff.  Then, the adults take turns opening gifts, so we can see what everyone got.  As usual, we got some amazing gifts.  We are truly blessed!!!
When we got home, Daddy read Twas the Night Before Christmas and J went to bed.

Then, Daddy began assembling the Santa gift- a toy kitchen, while I wrapped all of J's other gifts from us.

At around 2 am,  we were still up, and J started crying.  J is a really good sleeper, so it was odd that a second night in a row he was waking up again.  I rocked him and got him back to sleep and I went to bed a 2:30, leaving Daddy working on the kitchen.  An hour later, I woke up to Daddy coming to bed with a crying J.  I knew something was wrong.  He just couldn't get comfortable.  I started realizing it was his ear. J and I went to the couch, where he finally fell asleep on me around 6:30.  J woke up at 8.  I had already been on my phone looking for clinics open on Christmas Day.  With no luck, I called my parents.  I needed help!!!  My mom suggested the ER.  So at 8:30, I threw on clothes and told a sleeping Daddy.  We were going to the local ER.

J and I at the ER.  Thankfully, no one was there, so we got right in and checked out.  The weepy ear he had been tugging on was very infected.  So the doctor prescribed some ear drops.

A very tired mommy and J came home.  J played with his Santa toy, but we didn't even open stockings or other presents.  I think we were all too tired to care!!!
Christmas Day we ALWAYS go to Aaron parents house.  We usually spend from noon to about 8 pm.  This year was different because Mimi had the flu.  We thought we weren't going to go at all we she was diagnosed on Monday.  By Wednesday, she was feeling so much better, so she wanted us to come over at 5 pm on Christmas Day.  We had a condensed version that actually worked out great given that J was not feeling great, and I was working on an hour of sleep and a 2 hour nap.

I didn't get many pictures this year.
Meema's annual picture in front of the stockings.

That was Christmas 2014.  An unusual Christmas for sure.  It turned out better than expected given all the sickness.

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  1. Right in the middle of our plans, life happens! But Christmas came just the same, and we are grateful for our beautiful, very flexible family!!