Sunday, December 28, 2014

December- Where did you go?

In true December like fashion, it has flown by.  It feels like the holidays will never get here, and then Thanksgiving hits and it's gone in a blink of an eye.

Our December started with Aaron getting a new job.  He started on December 1.  Then, on December 2, he came home not feeling well at all.  My husband literally NEVER gets sick!!!  He hadn't been feeling great for a couple of days, so I knew something was wrong.  He did web check in on Care Now and came home having tested positive for the flu.  With the help of rest and Tamiflu, he missed Wednesday and Thursday of his first week of work.  Thankfully, J and I didn't catch it!!!  We tried to stay out of his way, and I slept on the couch for 3 nights.

One morning while Daddy was home with the flu.  I had a Yes Mom moment.  We were at the very bottom of our Oatmeal canister, so I let J play in it and make the biggest mess!!! Oh my he had the best time!!!  We've done it once since then.  We go through oatmeal over here because J LOVES it!!!  He is super picky, so some nights I make it for him for dinner, too.  I figure there are worse things he could be eating than oatmeal!!!

That first weekend in December we had a special visitor. 
Marvin the Monkey is a friend from J's class at school.  Every weekend he goes home with a different student.  This was J's weekend.  J loves Marvin.  We had a good time taking him around with us.  He went to the Tree Lighting, church, and a birthday party.


The above pictures I printed and put in Marvin's journal along with adventures of our weekend.  Ms. Rickel reads the journal to the kids, so they can see what Marvin did over the weekend.  Such a cute idea!!!


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