Saturday, December 27, 2014

November Round Up

This is going to be a long one...

I have a bunch of photos to finish up November, so sit tight!!!

1.  We had our Christmas card pictures made during the middle of the month with Diana Raines photography.  She is phenomenal!!!  We had the best experience.  I am so glad my parents were apart of it because my mom now has some amazing photos of them and Jackson.  We also have a great shot of all five of us for my mom to hang on her wall.  These are a few of the shots we got during the photo shoot.


 2.  Art work J brought home from school.  Love that turkey handprint!!!

3.  Our living room was under construction the week before Thanksgiving.  I will do a before and after.  It turned out beautifully!!!
4.  Because we redid our living room, we needed to go to IKEA to get some new bookcases for storage in the new space.  Aaron took a half day off on a Friday afternoon and we made the 50 minute trek to Frisco.  J had so much fun!!!  He especially loved looking at the model kitchens.



5  On Saturday, November 22, J went to his first classmate's birthday party.  Avery had a party at a bounce place.  The boys were definitely outnumbered.  And no surprise it was a Frozen theme!!!

6.  That same weekend Aaron took Monday off to run errands and work on grad school stuff.  We went to breakfast and ran some much needed errands as a family.

7.  I love to bake!!!  J and I made some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies this time.  They were so good!!!

8.  Thanksgiving Family selfie-  I had the brilliant idea of doing a group selfie.  Not everyone held the same enthusiasm I had for it.  Especially the men folk, they were ready to eat!!!

9.  The Saturday after Thanksgiving it was so beautiful outside.  We took J and headed to the park right by my Meema and PopPop's house.  The last picture of Aaron and J walking is greatness!!! 



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