Monday, May 19, 2014

Super Fun Weekend

Another fun weekend has come and gone, and it makes me even more ready for summer.

Friday night RaRa and BaBa took J to the Rangers game and had him spend the night.

All decked out in their Rangers gear.
My mom sent me this pic of J at the game.  It's a shame he isn't having fun!!! :)

While J was at the game, we went on a date night and saw Godzilla.  It was pretty good, but the company was better. :)
Then on Saturday morning, I went and got a much needed haircut and highlights.  It had been 7 months since my last haircut and a year since my last highlights.  Pitiful, I know.  Too bad I don't take selfies by myself or you could see my hair. :)
While I was getting my haircut, J was having a blast on the train around the FW zoo with RaRa and BaBa.  He leads a rough life, don't you think?
After meeting my parents for lunch, we brought J home and spent some time in the floor looking at all the books Aunt Holly gave us that the cousins used to read.

After J's nap and dinner, we played outside. 

Here's the scene from the evening.  Aaron just recently started really working with J on his speech.  J is very behind on his speech development, which is why he receives therapy once a week.  Aaron is determined he should say "Please Daddy" or "Please Mommy" when he wants something.  Let's just say J struggles with single words, so putting two words together is very challenging.  We are working on it, but it's challenging.  How do you think this "Please Daddy" is going based on this picture?
Then, a trip to our fav- Yummilicious!!!

J LOVED the fan!!!

 Look at J in church on Sunday!!! Crazy boy!!! He's trying to escape our pew!
My mom and I on our way home from a church wedding shower.  We both were wearing blue, so I decided to take a selfie of us for my Instagram photo challenge of the day.

We ended our weekend at a college graduation party for Matt and Julianne.  Sadly, this is the only pic I got.  J on the back porch chasing one of the party balloons.
Happy Monday, almost Tuesday!!!


  1. Looks like so much fun!! Especially the FroYo, my favorite!

  2. So glad J likes his new books:) He's my favorite little guy!