Friday, May 2, 2014

Five on Friday

I am joining the Five on Friday link-up today with Darci and friends.

First off, I don't know how some girls look so good in the What I Wore posts I see around on blogland.  Can you tell I am not comfortable taking pics of myself in my bathroom mirror?  Now, the real reason I took the pic.  The pants.  I have recently found and started following Hippie Chick Boutique on Instagram.  The owner has some cute stuff!!! I ordered these fun pants and love them!!!  The bonus is the are like wearing pjs!!!

I took J to the ENT at Cook's Children on Monday, where we found out that J will need tubes in his ears.  It's kind of a relief for us.  We are really hoping that this may be the thing that will help him with his speech development. 
The pics below are us in the waiting room.  How great is Cook's for kids!!! It's so bright and cheery everywhere, and J had the best time playing on the interactive game in the lobby.  Then, outside while waiting for our car they had such a pretty shaded area with huge pots of flowers.


We are big fans of Pharrell Williams, "Happy" song in our house.  I can honestly say that buying his song on iTunes for my phone was the best $1.29 I have spent in a long time.  We listen to it ALL the time.  The other reason I love this song is because happy is one of J's words.  J doesn't have that many words, but one of his words in his growing vocabulary is happy.  I love that!!!
Speaking of happy, this boy LOVES to dip!!!
He loves dipping with ketchup, BBQ sauce (especially Chickfila's) and salsa. If it gets him to eat, I am all for it!!!  :)
Tonight after I got off work, we went to dinner with RaRa at Café Acapulco.  It was so pretty out we ate on the patio.  J hung out with the girls while Daddy and all the guys in the family went to Texas de Brazil.


Happy Friday!!! 


  1. Ha ha, I can't EVER pull off the selfies I see others posting! They always look stunning and mine look...awkward!
    Mia is obsessed with dipping these days! Like you say, if it gets her to eat?? :)

  2. I am the most awkward selfie taker ever. I hate doing it. Haha! Those pants look SUPER comfy- I might need to invest in some! :)

    I found you through the link up! I hope you have a great weekend!