Friday, May 30, 2014

Playing Catch Up!!!

I feel like I am playing catch up.  The last two weeks have flown by and I beyond ready for summer.  Here's what we've been up to lately...

1.  J receives physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.  He has been slower than the average kid in walking and talking.  For many parents their kids climbing to the top of McDonald's playground probably seems like no big deal.  To us, it is a huge accomplishment.  Last week J climbed all the way to the top by himself, and I was so proud!!!  He was proud and excited, too!!!  In fact, like most kids he didn't want to leave.  :)

2.  Last week we had a guy come clean up our yard.  He pulled weeds, trimmed bushes, and put out 25 bags of mulch.  Our yard looks soooo much better!!!  The night before he came we made a trip to Home Depot and J had the best time riding on the cart with all the bags.

3.  We might have a new show.  I say might because he still doesn't watch a whole episode, but he has requested it a few times.  Chuggington.  Let me just say it's a beating to watch.  As I type this, I am singing the song in my head.

4.  J got new sneakers last week.  It was at the request of his PT.  Who knew shoes with laces would be so hard to find!!!  I really think he walks more confidently in them because the laces allow him to have a snugger fit and feel more secure. 

5.  Mimi got J a portable DVD player for our Florida beach trip next month.  J was in heaven the 24 hours we had it in the car.  Who knew watching Mickey in the car could be so much fun!!! Here's to hoping it makes our 12 hour road trip more fun!!!

6.  Last Thursday night we went to Owen's Pre-K graduation.  It was so cute!!

7.  We also had our first trip to the new Chickfila by our house last Saturday.  The line was out the door, so we opted to go through the drive thru.

8.  This boy loves him some chips and salsa!  Just one of the many things I love about him!

9.  On Memorial Day, Tony, Holly, and cousins came over for a pancake breakfast.  It was a fun, kind of spontaneous get together.  I love that we live three streets apart so we can do things like this, and it not be a big deal.  I hope we can do more of this, especially over the summer!!!

 10.  Then, on Memorial Day night we truly had a spontaneous trip to Babe's Chicken.  Certainly not a place you go everyday, but it was so delicious!!!
11.  With all the rain the last few days, it has been so beautiful and almost chilly outside.  We enjoyed some sidewalk chalk drawing.

12.   Since J was born, we have been horrible about going to church on Wednesday nights.  Now, that J is older and bed time is a little more flexible we are determined to get back into it.  This past Wednesday was our first attempt.  Here's to accountability!!!
13.  I am rounding out the random list of pics with a water "ra" picture.  J loves "ra."  Last night, he wanted to water the flowers with water from his water table.  Let's just say those flowers may be dead because they got so much water.

Happy Weekend!!!

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  1. I love this little boy so much and I'm so proud of his sweet mommy too!