Monday, May 12, 2014

In a Nutshell

 I just realized I hadn't posted in a week, so here is what we've been up to.
 It's kind of sad how excited I am about this new Chickfila opening by our house. 

 These days we often have two rounds of dinner.  Round one J doesn't eat much, and then about 30 to 45 minutes before bed he comes over to me and says "EAT" and points to his mouth.  Most nights we save what he didn't eat the first time and offer it again.

 On Wednesday, we broke out the water table.  J loves playing in water.  Just for fun here is a pic of him from last summer--

That was J before his first hair cut and before he started walking.  Isn't he the cutest?

After those water pics were taken, J got sick with croup.  All day Thursday he was with my mom while I was at work.  He didn't eat much and had his first of three doses of steroids.  On Thursday night, I made the easiest calzones for dinner totally not expecting my sick picky eater to show any interest.  Well, miracles never cease.  He ate the whole thing!!!


We watched a lot of Mickey this weekend because J didn't take naps on Friday or Saturday.  Thank you steroids!!!

Friday night Aunt Katy came to visit and ate dinner with us.  I made a quick bar cookie with frosting out of ingredients in my pantry.  You have to have dessert with company, right?  That's my logic at least.  Something else I have noticed is I use sprinkles a lot now.  Before J, I didn't keep sprinkles.  Now, I love them.  I just feel like it makes a dessert more fun, festive, and kid-friendly.

J loves Katy!!!  He calls her T.  She came and brought him that cute shirt.  We had the best time playing outside and talking with her.  It was a fun way to spend Friday night.

These pictures cracked me up!!! J loves it when I vacuum now.  He actually requests that I vacuum, which is actually good incentive to vacuum more.  On Saturday morning, I vacuumed and J was naked or in between pjs and clothes.  Anyway, it cracked me up that he was laying naked watching me vacuum.  He's facial expressions are priceless!!!

 On Saturday, we went to the mall and ate in the food court and J and Daddy rode the carousel.


I am so sad I didn't get any pics with my mom at our Mothers Day lunch today.   This was our third year to do the Sunday buffet at OlenJacks.  The food is delicious and so NOT buffet food.  We had a great time with my parents and Aaron's parents.  Then, with J being still a little bit not himself, we came home and he took his first nap in three days!!!  Woohoo!!!  While he napped, I also took a nap, which is something I rarely do.  I always think I should be doing something productive.  Because I wanted at least one pic for Mothers Day, I took the above pic right after J got up from his nap. 
It was a great Mothers Day!!!  I am beyond blessed with a sweet boy.  As well as two great moms, mine and Aaron's.
That's our week in a nutshell.
Happy Monday!!!


  1. Loved all the pics especially the ones with "T"! Any pic is a great pic if J's in it!

  2. That vacuum picture! That'll be blackmail in a few years. :)