Sunday, December 22, 2013

Outside in December

As usual here in Texas, it can be freezing one day and in the 70's the next.  With it being warm a few days this past week, we took advantage and J played outside a couple of different afternoons.  Playing outside is truly one of his favorite things to do.  He loves playing outside on our driveway.

He pushed his dump truck up and down the driveway over and over. 

 Then, the next day we did more of the same.

It was really windy this day.  At one point, he stopped and just felt the wind.  It was the sweetest thing!!!  He got so excited as it swirled around him moving the leaves.  Notice he is laughing.


I seriously am so in love with this boy!!! There are some days I could careless about being outside, but because I know he LOVES it so much, I go out and sit on the driveway and play.  I know he won't be this age forever, so I really try to stop and enjoy these little moments.


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