Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Tradition: Tree Lighting 2013

A few Mondays ago we headed to my in-laws for the Annual Chandler Tree Lighting.  This is a Christmas tradition in the Chandler family.  I have been a part of this tradition since 2005 when Aaron was living in Japan.  Since we were together even though Aaron was half a world away, I was invited to be a part of the celebration.  This is what this event looks like--
1.  We eat dinner.
2.  We hang ornaments on the tree wearing Christmas hats and listening to Christmas music.
3. All the lights are turned off in the house.
4.  Christmas tree lights are turned on.
5.  We sing Christmas carols with the 3D glasses on that make the tree lights into different shapes like snowmen, snowflakes, angels, etc.
6.  My mother-in-law, Ali, makes peppermint floats, and we look at the lights some more.
7.  Then, everyone brings in armloads of wrapped gifts to put under the tree.

This is the exact order and the exact same thing we do EVERY year without fail.

My family doesn't have traditions quite like this, so it's a fun thing to do each year.

The coolest thing about this year was that J got so into it.  He was all about putting ornaments on the tree. In fact, I think he may have put on the most ornaments of anyone.  Let me tell you this boy was on a mission.  He put one on and immediately went back to the box to get another one.  Needless to say I was very busy being his "assistant" with tree ornaments.

 Such a big helper!!!
 He loves lights, so he was interested in turning on the lights before we were supposed to.  :)

J was dancing as we sang!!!
There's a sneak peek at one of our family traditions!!!  Hope you enjoyed!!! :)

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